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Energy Advice Service

Bromsgrove District and Redditch Borough Council are working jointly with Act on Energy to provide Energy Advice and Energy Efficiency Schemes in Bromsgrove District and Redditch Borough for the purpose of:

  • Advice and assistance in relation to fuel poverty, energy efficiency and climate change.
  • Quality, pre-assessed referral routes for energy-related installations and services and associated funding.
  • Delivery of the Bromsgrove and Redditch Energy Efficiency Schemes in synergy with the core Energy Advice Service which use the Councils’ discretionary assistance funding to improve the energy efficiency of properties for homeowners in or at risk of fuel poverty.
  • Delivery of other relevant funding streams e.g., Sustainable Warmth funding, Household Support Fund, Social Housing Decarbonisation Funding (see additional Privacy Notices for each scheme).
  • Development of a bespoke engagement and advice programme in relation to energy billing, meters, switching, debt, efficient use of domestic appliances and any other topics where there is an identified to be a need.

Act on Energy will be the Data Controller of any personal data collected in relation to service delivery, to provide energy advice and assistance and check eligibility for a scheme. Data will be collected via the Act on Energy freephone line, face to face at community events, via social media, email, through their website, or be referred via a third party, including the Council.

The Council will act as a Data Controller where it directly refers residents to Act on Energy and when it receives personal data from Act on Energy as part of the council’s role in authorising and administering grants.

The legal basis for the processing of the data under Service Delivery is Public Task or in the case of the grant scheme, fulfilment of a contract to which the data subject is a party or for the taking of steps at the request of the data subject with view to entering into a contract

Health information is classed as ‘special category’ data, and is processed in accordance with Article 9(2)(a), ‘explicit consent’. If consent is withdrawn and eligibility cannot be determined, you may still be able to access other schemes or will be offered alternative help dependent upon what is available.

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Household information,
  • Financial information
  • Relevant health information
  • Details of any third party support

When you enter into the contract, you can opt to consent to us processing your personal information for other specified purposes such as:

  • Providing feedback to improve the service.

Where you agree to be contacted, the data will be kept until it is either overwritten or until you no longer agree to be kept informed. You can tell us by using the links below. If you chose not to consent to additional processing, this will not affect your rights. More information can be found here:

You may exercise your rights with each of the controllers.

This information will be accessible by:

  • Council departments as necessary to deliver the service e.g., Climate Change, Financial Independence Team, Strategic Housing Team, Social Housing Team.
  • A contractor when a service user is referred under a Scheme for the installation of energy efficiency measures,
  • Another agency when the service user is referred to a holistic service, e.g., referring a vulnerable adult without smoke detectors to the Fire Service for assistance.

Your data will be retained for:

Data Retention period
Data relating to ECO funding In line with legal requirements of ECO scheme.
Data relating to council grant funding – Bromsgrove Energy Efficiency Scheme and Redditch Energy Efficiency Scheme

Date of last payment + 6 years

Limitation Act, 1980

Other data relating to the contract For the duration of the contract

Sustainable Warmth Grants

These privacy notice relate to the Sustainable Warmth Scheme; a government funded scheme aiming to raise the energy efficiency of low energy performance homes (especially those rated at EPC E, F or G) and move away from fossil fuels. The Government funding was provided by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to Bromsgrove District Council (BDC) and Redditch Borough Council (RDC) via Midlands Net Zero Hub (MNZH). Energy Hubs are BEIS funded regional centres of expertise that help deliver government net zero strategy at local level. MNZH appointed local energy advice agency Act on Energy to deliver customer support for residents.

Here are Privacy Notices for the scheme: a joint privacy notice for RBC and BDC, MZNH and Act on Energy and a separate BEIS privacy notice.

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