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Council Tax Hardship

The information the council collects is required for the calculation of entitlement to the Council Tax Hardship Scheme. We will use the information in order to assess your eligibility to receive support in accordance with The Local Government Finance Act 2012 amended by Section 13A of the Local Government Finance 1992. The Hardship Fund Policy forms part of this Scheme.

The information we will collect about you, your family and other parties is:

  • Household income and expenditure (financial statement form) with details of households finances.
  • Name, address, phone number, email address, existing claim number.
  • Information about any health problems the claimant and/or members of their household are experiencing that are having an impact on their financial circumstances.
  • Information about other adult members (non-dependants) of the household and their financial contribution towards the household finances.

If you don’t provide the information, we will not be able to assess your eligibility to the scheme or make an award.

We will make a decision on whether to award your application based on your eligibility, and your reasons for applying. This will not be automated.

We will check some of the information with other sources to ensure the information you have provided is accurate or if there is further benefit or support that could be provided to you.

All remaining information can be found in the wider Housing Benefit’s Privacy Notice here

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