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Public health and nuisances

We can investigate and, if appropriate, take action where a statutory nuisance (which is where the law is being broken) affects the use or enjoyment of your home, or presents a threat to public health.

This includes noise, pollution, and nuisance animals from premises, accumulations of noxious waste, and so on.

Many statutory nuisances are resolved by simply advising the person who is causing the problem. If this doesn't work, we can issue notice requiring the person causing the nuisance to stop it or face prosecution.

'Non statutory' problems

In many situations, such as when a neighbouring garden is untidy, no laws are being broken. These are usually a private matter between you and the other person, and we will not usually be able to act. A major exception to this is our responsibility as a landlord with tenants. We can help with a wide range of non-statutory issues relating to our tenants and we would encourage you to contact us before taking formal action.

Council tenancy

Here is information on renting from us, and anything relating to council tenancy or tenants.


Learn more about fly tipping law and report a fly tip to us here.
Housing complaint or enquiry

Homes should be maintained to a decent standard and safe to live in, and we can help make sure this happens.

Noise, pollution and pests

These services are provided by Worcestershire Regulatory Services. Find more information and links to their website here.

Report a hate crime

Here are ways you can report hate crime or hate incident.

Help me with neighbour nuisance

Contact us to start the process.

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