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Extra Care Housing – A home for life

Suitable for tenants aged 60 years and older 

Thinking about a move?

You may be thinking of moving or having to leave your old home because of life changes or health problems.

You may be unhappy with where you are or you may not feel safe where you are living now.

If you value your independence and privacy and want control and choices in your life, Extra Care Housing may suit you.

Extra Care Housing is different because:

  • You are living at home - not in a home.
  • You have your own front door – you decide who comes in.
  • Couples and friends can stay together - if they both meet the entry criteria.
  • There is a mix of able and less able older people.
  • 24 hour care services are available – if you need them.
  • You get support to keep your independence.
  • You can join in social activities - or you can be private.
  • You have control over your finances.
  • You have security – the aim is a home for life.

Many older people end up living somewhere they are not happy to be, and that might include residential care, simply because they want to please others or not be a burden to their family. Moving after an accident or an illness can mean there is not enough time to think about what you really want.

If you think through your options before you have to, you can make a positive choice for yourself.

Extra Care Housing offers a new way of supporting you to live independently for as long as you possibly can. It gives you the security and privacy of a home of your own, a range of facilities on the premises, with 24 hour care services available if you need them.

All residents of Extra Care Housing have the security of renting your own home, control over your finances and the peace of mind that goes with having 24-hour care and support available on site.

You may be eligible to move and join St David’s House and Queen’s Cottages Extra Care Housing Scheme community.


St David's House and Queens Cottages
Extra Care Housing

Extra Care Housing

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Our Statement of Purpose 

Our statement of purpose can be viewed here.

Care Quality Commission 

Inspection 28th March 2019

Report published 25th April 2019

Rating: Good.

You can find more about our latest report here.

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