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Cultural Compact for North East Worcestershire

The Development Services Team for Redditch Borough and Bromsgrove District Councils provides administrative support to the Cultural Compact.

Terms of Reference


Our goal as a team is a 'concerted place based effort' to increase the active and creative behaviours and connectivity with open space of the residents of North East Worcestershire. This way the life expectancy divide within our communities will decrease and people will feel better.


A Culture Compact is a strong and sustained collaboration between strategic place-based partners which support co-design and deliver a vision for culture within a place.

Supports collective, coordinated action to grow a places cultural ecosystem, to drive lasting social and economic benefits.

Cities and towns with a clear vision for cultural supported by business, local authorities, education and the culture sector can align activity and funding and leverage new resources,

Culture Compacts represent a step-change approach to working in partnership across sectors. These partnerships bring together local authorities, business, education providers, cultural and community leaders, driven by a shared ambition for culture and place, to co-design and deliver a vision for culture within a place.


  • Unlocking potential and by sharing resources and supporting one another.
  • Developing new cross sector and cross area partnerships.
  • Building on the aspiration of our communities to encourage participation.


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