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Table tennis
We've got five all weather outdoor table tennis tables in our parks, including a special one designed for four players!
Tai Chi
Find out more about local tai chi sessions here.
Talking Tots (before words)
Have fun with your baby as you start to teach them to talk at these sessions.
Tax, funding and finance
Here is lots of information on business tax, funding and finance.
Taxi driver licences
If you want to drive any kind of taxi including hackney carriages or private hire vehicles you will need a license from us.
Taxi licensing enforcement
We will investigate taxi licensing problems, and we can suspend or revoke licences or even take court action.
Taxi ranks
Here are the locations of the four taxi ranks in Redditch.
Taxis and private hire
If you want to operate a taxi or private hire vehicle in the borough you will need a license from us.
Telephone payments
Contact Telephone payments
Tell us about a long term absence
If you are not going to be living in a property you rent from us for more than four weeks, you must let us know.
Tell us that you’re moving
If you are moving home into, out of, or within Redditch Borough you must supply some details to us for Council Tax purposes.
Temporarily close a road or path
You can apply to us to have a road temporarily closed for an event. Find out more here.
Temporary Event Notices
Planning an event that includes licensable activities on unlicensed premises? Notify us at least 10 working days before your event.
Temporary Events - Help and guidance
Here are more details on applying for Temporary Event Notices.
Temporary road and path closures
You can find notice of Temporary Road Closure Orders or footpath and bridleway diversions here.
Temporary road and path closures - The legislation
Here's the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 from
Tenancy Management - CENTRAL
Contact Tenancy Management - CENTRAL
Tenancy Management - EAST
Contact Tenancy Management - EAST
Tenancy Management - WEST
Contact Tenancy Management - WEST
Tennis and short tennis
We've got six tarmac courts you can book. Ask us about tennis and short tennis sessions and activities.
The Betty Passingham No Barriers Awards
Businesses awards in recognition for their caring service to disabled people in the Redditch area.
The Chief Execuitive
The Chief Executive of both Redditch Borough Council and Bromsgrove District Council is Kevin Dicks
The Council Plan
The Council Plan and the strategic purposes contained within it will help to set the direction for the Council and how it works with its partners.
The Joanna Brown Trust
This local charity grants financial support to help talented young athletes excel in their chosen sports. Find out more from them here.
The legislation
Small lotteries - Here's the Gambling Act 2005 from GOV.UK.
The legislation
Alcohol, public entertainment and late night refreshment - Here is the Licensing Act 2003 which includes controls over the sale of alcohol, public entertainment and late night refreshment.
The legislation
Small lotteries - Here's the Gambling Act 2005 from GOV.UK.
The legislation
Here is full information on the Community Right to Challenge from GOV.UK.
The legislation
Personal licence - Here is the relevant legislation under the Licensing Act 2003 from GOV.UK
The legislation
Club Premises Certificates - Here are the Licensing Act 2003 (Premises licences and club premises certificates) Regulations 2005 from GOV.UK
The legislation
Temporary Event Notices - Here is the relevant legislation for Temporary Event Notices from GOV.UK.
The Mayor
Find out more about The Mayor 2014/15
The meadows
The wild flower meadows in Arrow Valley Country Park are stunning in their summer bloom.
The number 52 bus: the Redditch Hopper
This bus works just like a normal bus service, except that it is provided by us through our community transport team.
The Outcomes Star
There is an 'outcomes star' online tool that you can use to support and measure change when working with people. Find out more from the Star Online here.
The Palace Youth Theatre
The Palace Youth Theatre is Redditch's leading stage opportunity for young people. Join the team or find out about their latest work here.
The planning evidence base
Local Plan No.4 is underpinned by an evidence base which includes these technical studies and assessments.
The Redditch Affordable Housing Development Partnership
Here are the members and key aims of The Redditch Affordable Housing Development Partnership.
The Role of O&S
Find out more anbout the role of Overview and Scruitiny , the role falls into one of four categories
The wetlands including Arrow Valley Lake
A huge variety of wetland habitats exists in Arrow Valley Country Park, including the 29-acre lake.
The woodlands
You will find two types of woodland in Arrow Valley Country Park: original woods and new woods that were planted when the park was created
There’s No Limits
This sports club welcomes all forms of ability to join our fun and friendly disability sessions at the Abbey Stadium.
Things to consider before you buy
Buying your home is a big financial decision. Is it the right choice for you? Here are some tips.
Through the Redditch Partnership
Volunteering opportunities from BARN, the Bromsgrove And Redditch Network.
Tiny Trowels
Contact Tiny Trowels
Tiny Trowels
This is a fun group with a focus on gardening, seeds etc.
Tips for renting privately
Here are some useful contacts and things to know about renting a home privately.
Toning classes
Tone up your body and get in shape with these top fitness classes.
Tourist Information
Contact the Tourist Information Office
Tourist information
If you want to know what’s going on in Redditch, visit our tourist information centre in the lobby of the Palace Theatre in the town centre.
Town Hall hire
Contact our facilities team.
Looking for information on Food safety training? Thinking about taking on an apprentice?
We've got trampolines that you can book to use at two of our sports centres.
Transfer a secure tenancy to someone else
It is possible to transfer a secure tenancy to a spouse or, in some cases, a relative.
Transformation for Growth
Free business review and up to 27 free days of expert advice and business transformation tools. Here's more info from Aston University.
Transparency - expenditure salaries accounts
The programme aims to ensure information about public services is made available to people enabling them to play a bigger role in society and help shape their local services.
Transport legislation
Taxi Driver Licences - Here is the Transport Act 1985 from GOV.UK.
Transport legislation
Hackney carriage - Here is the Transport Act 1985 from GOV.UK.
Transport legislation
Private hire vehicle licences - Here is the Transport Act 1985 from GOV.UK.
Transport legislation
Private hire operator licences - Here is the Transport Act 1985 from GOV.UK.
Tree Works
Contact our Tree Works department
Types of affordable housing
Affordable housing is provided to eligible households whose needs are not met by the market, based on incomes and house prices.
Types of tenancy and what they mean
Here is detailed information on the various types of tenancy and what they could mean for you.