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E2B group
E2B is an online community for SMEs seeking to save cash and carbon, through improving energy efficiency and reducing waste at LinkedIn.
Early Help and children's centres
Early Help children's centres here to support you and your family as your children go through every stage of growing up.
Early Help Assessment Meetings
When your family starts to experience difficult times, come and speak to us and see if we can help nip them in the bud.
Early Help Drop In Information Sessions
Early Help Drop in advice sessions for all family needs.
Early Help parenting clinic
Contact Early Help Parenting Clinic
Early Help Privacy Notice
Here's how we will and will not use information you provide to us.
Early Help
Contact Early Help
Early years
Here is the range of courses at our centres that are suitable for children up to age 5.
E-couch Self Help
link to E-couch Self Help
Good mental health is not just the absence of a mental health disorder. It is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential
Elections 2015 results
Here are all the results of the UK Parliamentary Elections, Redditch Borough Council Elections, and Feckenham Parish Council Elections that took place on 7th May.
Elections information
Karen Lumley has been elected as Member of Parliament for Redditch. Look out for Redditch Borough Council election results later today.
Find out all you need to know about Elections and the Electoral processes
Electoral Services
Contact Electoral Services
Electrical safety
Here is some advice on keeping the electrics in your home safe.
24-hour civil protection and emergency planning ensures services can be delivered during a major incident.
Emergency Medical Proxy
If you have had a medical emergency that took place 6 days before an election or less, you can apply to vote by emergency proxy.
Emergency Out of Hours
Contact Emergency Out of Hours
External Link to the National Gas Emergency Service
Emissions to air - Help, guidance and documents
Environmental permits - Here is some help, guidance and documentation on environmental permits.
Emissions to air - National guidance
Environmental permits - Here is guidance on the Local Authority Pollution Control regime from GOV.UK.
Emotional support
We're here to support you and help you access the right services, and we can support your parents too.
Employment Land Review
The Employment Land Review examines existing employment sites in terms of their fitness for future employment use.
Empty homes
Empty homes can attract vandalism and anti-social behaviour, and are a wasted resource, so we try to bring them back into use.
Encampments of gypsies and travellers
Encampments of Gypsies and travellers
End a tenancy
During your notice period we will check that your home is in good repair. This is part of our incentive scheme.
Energy efficiency
Here are a range of things, large and small, that you can do in your home to save money and reduce your impact on the environment.
Engineering and design
Contact our Engineering and Design team
English Courses - Pre-enrolment mini tests
A short initial assessment, to help us guide you to the correct level of course specifically for you.
English courses
English and literacy courses
Enterprising Worcestershire
Business support and funding for individuals looking to start a business, or businesses that are looking to grow. Here's more info from GOV.UK.
Our services for your local environment, including hedges, grass, trees, drainage and more.
Environmental Health
Contact Environmental Health
Environmental Information Regulations
Environmental information Regulations 2004 (E.I.R) give the public a right of access to information held by public bodies
Environmental permits
Certain industrial processes with the capacity to pollute our environment must have an environmental permit.
Environmental sector networking
Here's info about environmental technology sector business networking from metnet.
Environmental services
Contact Environmental services
Equality and Diversity
Contact Equality and Diversity
Equestrian Route Map & Guidance
Here you will find a useful route map and guidance for Equestrian activities at Arrow Valley Country Park
Equipment and adaptations
Contact Equipment and adaptations
Essential Living Fund
in a crisis essential goods or food vouchers, but not cash, may be available from us.
European Parliamentary Elections
Previous European Parliamentary Elections
Event safety and doing your risk assessment
Risk assessments are simply about taking - and showing that you’ve taken - common sense steps that minimise the chances of someone getting hurt. Don’t be daunted!
Events in Redditch
From outdoor music festivals to local events, there are always things going on in Redditch. Find out more here!
Events Team
Contact Events
Events you can attend
We often hold procurement, business networking and other events. You can register for event news here too
Examination in public programme officer
Contact the examination in public programme officer
Examination in public
You will find news related to the formal examination in public of the Borough of Redditch Local Plan No.4 here.
Examples of benefit fraud
Here are typical examples of types of benefit fraud.
Executive Director & Deputy Chief Executive
Contact the Executive Director & Deputy Chief Executive
Executive Director of Finance and Resources
Contact the Executive Director of Finance and Resources
Exemptions from Houses in Multiple Occupation registers
Here is a list of properties that aren't necessarily required to register with us as a House in Multiple Occupation.
Existing businesses
If you are an existing business, we've got lots of support for you. Find out more here!
Expenses Councillors
Councillors are entitled to receive certain allowances for undertaking their duties
Extra help on top of Housing Benefit
If your Housing Benefit does not cover your rent you can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP).
Extra parking to ease matchday congestion
Redditch Borough Council has moved to ease weekend parking problems at Arrow Valley Country Park’s busy football pitches.
Extra support from Shopmobility
Here are some other things we can do for you