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Redditch website home page
Receiving acceptance
We will check that your application complies with the building regulations, and help you make it comply.
Receiving approval
We will check that your application complies with the building regulations, and help you make it comply.
Receiving your certificate of regularisation
If your inspected works comply with the regulations we will send you a Certificate of Regularisation in the post.
Receiving your completion certificate
You will receive you completion certificate by post, and you can request copies.
Receiving your completion certificate
You will receive you completion certificate by post, and you can request copies.
Recently awarded contracts
Here is a complete list of contracts we have awarded recently.
Recognised qualifications
We work in partnership with Heart of Worcestershire College and use European Social Funding and are qualified to deliver qualifications for three awarding bodies
Records Management
Find out more on the code of practice that the records management practices they should follow to meet their obligations.
Get a Reddicard today for 12 months of discount savings on all sorts of activities and things to do in Redditch.
Redditch Bandstand
Redditch town centre’s beautiful bandstand hosts events all year round including the summer Bandstand Festival. It’s also available to book for performances.
Redditch Borough Council Elections
Here are the election notices, nomination forms and other documents that you may need if you want to stand in the Redditch Borough Council Elections.
Redditch Crematorium and Chapel
Find out more about Redditch's outstanding crematorium and chapel here
Redditch in Bloom
We've been Heart of England In Bloom Gold winner since 2011 - find out why here.
Redditch Market
Redditch Market features over 30 regular traders with a wide variety of goods in the heart of Redditch town centre from 9am - 4pm every day except Wednesdays and Sundays.
Redditch Palace Theatre
Our treasured Edwardian theatre always has a packed schedule of entertainments. It celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2014!
Redditch Palace Theatre shows and information
Find out what's on at the Palace Theatre and much more here!
Redditch Partnership
Bringing together different organisations from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.
Redditch Sustainable Community Strategy
This document sets out the vision for the next three years, and outlines the work that members of the partnership have committed to deliver.
Register & Early Help info
Register, volunteer, give us feedback and more here.
Register of Interests
All Members are required by law to complete a register of interests form to register their financial and other interests
Register of Interests - Borough Councillors
Here are the Borough Councillors' registers of interest.
Register of Interests - Feckenham Parish Council
Feckenham Parish Councillors Register of Interest
Registers of enforcement and stop notices
Here are the statutory registers that show every planning enforcement and stop notice we have issued since 2006.
Remove your appliances
Be careful as you may be liable if an accident occurs - ask us or use an expert if you need advice.
Removing abandoned vehicles
Help us remove unsightly, untaxed and potentially dangerous abandoned vehicles by reporting them.
Renewable technology
Choose renewable technology to suit you. Here's more info from the Energy Saving Trust.
Renewable technology
Choose renewable technology to suit you. Here's more info from the Energy Saving Trust.
Everything you need to know about paying your rent.
Rent and lease payments
Here is information on your rights and responsibilities when it comes to paying rent and lease payments.
Rent liability and payments
If you are claiming Housing Benefit here is what we can accept as valid proof of your rent payments.
Renting privately
A range of houses and flats are available for rent from private landlords, and you may be eligible for help to pay your rent.
Repairs including boilers
If you're a tenant with us or a homeowner, there may be help and support for you make repairs to your home. Find out more here! If you rent from anyone else, speak to your landlord.
Repayment of discount
You may have to repay the discount you get under Right to Buy if you sell the home within a certain time.
Report a hate incident
You can report a hate incident online here, complete with help and guidance and what will happen once a report is made.
Report a highway problem
Report highway issues to Worcestershire County Council here.
Report a problem on the website
If you spot a problem or you think something is missing, please report it to us here. Your feedback is invaluable to help us improve the website and prioritise our ongoing work.
Report an incident
Here are ways you can report anti social behaviour and hate crimes.
Report anti social behaviour
Due to changing national legislation the way we approach anti social behaviour is under review.
Request a bigger bin
If your bins are too big or too small for your needs, you can request a change here.
Request us to work on our trees
Request us to do some work on trees on land that we own here.
Request your personal data
Find out how to ask for a copy of the data or information we hold about you, or to authorise someone to act on your behalf.
Requesting an Internal Review
If you are not happy with the response to your Freedom of Information request, you have the right to ask for an internal review.
Resident and visitor permits
Some roads have parking schemes to improve parking for residents and visitors. On these roads, parking is limited without a permit.
Re-Use Regulations
Designed to allow re-use of public sector information for commercial purposes. They provide a statutory framework through which you can apply for a licence to re-use public sector information
Review Library
Details of reviews undertaken as part of the Overview and Scrutiny process
Right to buy
If you are a council tenant you may be able to buy your home at a discount under a government scheme. Find out more here.
Roads and transport
Keeping the streets of Redditch safe and secure.
Roadway Arts
Coming soon: a showcase of all the pieces of art created and installed as part of the Redditch Roadway Arts Project!
Roll out of Universal Credit begins
Anyone making new claims for benefits is being urged to get ready for changes to the way payments will be made.
Room options and prices at the Town Hall
Depending on the type of event you want to run, and how many people you need to accommodate, we will have a room layout option to suit at competitive prices.
Rooms and catering
A function room and refreshment services are available at beautiful Forge Mill Museum next door.
RPM - Studio Cycling
Ride the rhythm of powerful beats through a mixture of resistance training, with hill climbs and seated sprints!
Run an event
If you want to plan and run an event on our land, no matter the size of your event we can support you to do it.