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Oak Trees Early Help Centre
Contact Oak Trees Early Help Centre
Oak Trees
Oak Trees, based in Lodge Park, offers so many avtivities, find out more about these, timetable of services and clinics here
Oakenshaw Community Centre Team
Contact Oakenshaw Community Centre
Oakenshaw Community Centre
There's lots going on at Oakenshaw, our biggest community centre - and it's available for hire too.
Obtaining licenses for events
Some, but not many, of the activities that usually go on at small, private street parties and fêtes require a license. Find out more here.
Office space
Here are the office spaces that are available in our business centres
Oil Spillage
Report highway issues to Worcestershire County Council here.
Old web browsers: a warning
We strongly advise that you update to the latest version of your web browser.
Older People
Support and information for older people
Online Application
External Link to Worcestershire County Council Blue Badge Scheme
online map
Redditch ward boundaries map with coloured wards
Options for your service
Options for your service at the Redditch Crematorium, Including music, memorials, refreshments, floral tributes and more.
Organise a street party or fête (for up to 99 people)
Street parties and fêtes are a traditional part of British life and they are a great way for us to get to know our neighbours and build strong communities.
There are three family-friendly orienteering courses for you to enjoy in the 900 acres of Arrow Valley Country Park.
Other exemptions
Here are some specific types of Housing Benefit claim where the money can be paid directly to the landlord.
Other regular costs of home ownership
Home ownership comes with a number of costs that don't apply to renting. Find out more here.
Our Courses
Here you can find out what courses we offer and the prices. Prices may vary depending on your ability to pay.
Our licensing policy - National guidance
Information on the different types of alcohol licences available and guidance on how to apply for them from GOV.UK.
Our licensing policy - The legislation
Alcohol, public entertainment and late night refreshment - Here is the Licensing Act 2003 which includes controls over the sale of alcohol, public entertainment and late night refreshment.
Our licensing policy
Here is our Statement of Licensing Policy, which we use to determine all applications made to us.
Our planning enforcement policy
Read our planning enforcement policy here.
Our policy for admitting children to our swimming pools
This policy is designed to help safeguard children, who are at the highest risk of drowning in swimming pools.
Out of hours emergencies
Emergencies are where there is danger to life or health relating to one of our properties. These are the only repairs we will handle outside office hours.
Outdoor Physical Training
O.P.T is all about fun and challenging outdoor fitness classes that are for all abilities with a fantastic community.
Outdoor wall plaques
Inscribed plaques that can also accommodate a small design or photo.
Overdale Park Management Plan
Here's how we manage Overdale Park.
Overdale Park
Nestled between homes in Astwood Bank, Overdale Park has both formal and natural areas.
Overview & Scrutiny - Get involved
Find out more ways you can keep up to date and get involved in the work of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Overview & Scrutiny
Contact Overview & Scrutiny
Overview and Scrutiny
Overview and Scrutiny has the power to authorise policy reviews and scrutinise issues of local interest. It acts as a commissioning body. Find out more here.