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Safe Place Scheme in Redditch
A new scheme to help people who feel vulnerable or unsafe when out and about is being launched in Redditch.
Safety and demolitions
If you want to demolish a building, you'll need to let us know.
Safety, regulations & immigration
If you are an existing business and want to know more about Safety, regulations & immigration this is the place for you
Find out all about sailing on Arrow Valley Lake here, from Redditch Sailing Club.
Salaries & Council Employee Pay Policy Statement
Providing details of the salaries paid to senior management and employees
Save me money
You might be surprised at how much money you could save with these simple tips.
Save money, recycle
Rubbish is expensive to get rid of and damages the environment. Help reduce it by recycling wherever possible!
Saving water
Water is precious and often taken for granted, and it makes sense to get into the habit of reducing your water usage.
Scam ‘slimming pills’ damaging wallets as well as health
Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) has issued a warning to residents after a surge in local people falling victim to online slimming pill scams.
Schedule of Charges
Here are the charges we will make for providing information under the above legislation are set out below. They reflect current statutory requirements and guidance.
School Admissions
a links to Worcestershire County Council School Admissions page
School and College Travel
Bus timetables, routes, operators and general travel information within Worcestershire
School Term Dates
a link to Worcestershire County Council School Term Dates
Schools and Childrens Centres
link to Worcestershire county online map of schools and children's centres
Search planning enforcement cases
Search here for planning enforcement and other planning cases.
Securing your home
Here are our guides for professional advice on how to improve your home security.
Self help leaflets
For useful guides to a range of mental health and wellbeing issues have a look at the Self Help Guides produced by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust.
Septic tanks and cesspool emptying -The legislation
Here is the Public Health Act 1936 from
Septic tanks and cesspool emptying
If you have a septic tank, cesspit or cesspool we can empty it for you at low cost.
Services at Redditch Crematorium
Redditch Crematorium exists to serve the bereaved. It is available for everyone to use.
Sex shop and cinema licence
If you want to run a sex shop or venue where you show explicit films to members of the public you may need a license from us.
sex shops and cinemas the legislation
Here is Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 from GOV.UK.
Sh’bam is a fun, easy to follow 45 minute dance class.
Shared Services
Redditch Borough Council has decided to share the running of its services for the residents, businesses and visitors to Redditch.
Contact Shopmobility
If you have difficulty walking you can register to use our FREE equipment to help you get around Redditch town centre.
Showing films in public
You need a ‘non-theatrical’ film licence to show films and TV programmes in public (but not in a cinema). Here's info from GOV.UK.
Site Location Details
Site Location Details
Skate parks
Like skating? There are two skate parks in Redditch for you to use.
Skills, training & apprenticeships
Improve your skills with training or an apprenticeship
Sling hire
If you want to try out a baby sling to carry your new baby, we'll hire them to you free of charge.
Small business rate relief
Could your small businesses be paying less tax through a discount on your business rates?
Small lotteries - National guidance and documentation
Small lotteries - Here is guidance and documentation on running a small society lottery from the Gambling Commission.
Small lotteries - The legislation
Small lotteries - Here's the Gambling Act 2005 from GOV.UK.
Small lotteries
If you are running a lottery or raffle to raise funds for sporting, charitable or benevolent purposes you may have to register it with us.
Smell gas
External Link to the National Gas Emergency Service
Social Care
A link to the County 'Health and Social Care' pages
Social Housing Asset Value
Social housing asset value Local authorities must publish details of the value of social housing stock that is held in their Housing Revenue Account33.
Social Media, Interactive Games and Hand Held Device Safety
Safety tips and information on Iphone, ipad, ipod, facebook, instagram, Nintendo, playstation, xbox 360, blackberry
Social Services
A link to the County 'Health and Social Care' pages
Solve common heating problems
You can easily correct low boiler pressure and patchy heat from radiators - here's how.
Special needs adaptations - I am a council tenant
Click here if you are a tenant with us.
Special needs adaptions
If you need to make changes to your home to help you continue to live independently, we can help.
Special Needs Tenancy
Contact Special Needs Tenancy
Speech and Language
Questions, concerns or worries about your child's speech and language development? Come to one of our drop-in sessions!
Report highway issues to Worcestershire County Council here.
Nationwide Sport England Campaign, open to sports clubs, schools, colleges and community groups seeking help to set up sport and physical activity sessions.
Sports & fitness
Sports and Fitness in Redditch
Sports and activities
Here are our sports and activities for you, including details and prices where applicable.
Sports Coach
Redditch Sports development are looking for Sport Coaches, find out more about the role and apply here
Sports Development
Contact Sports Development
Sports ground safety
If you need to have the safety of your sports ground checked, we can help.
Springs For Health
Execise programmes to improve overall fitness levels, specifically targeting mobility, strength and balance.
Squash or racketball
We have 3 squash or racketball courts you can book at Kingsley Sports Centre.
Start a market stall or street trade
Market stalls and street trading have lower overheads and you can be very flexible in how you run your business.
Starting a business
If you are thinking of starting a business, we've got lots of support for you from staff training and licenses to premises. Find out more here!
Starting a food business
You must register your business, and we can help you in various ways. Find out more here from Worcestershire Regulatory Services.
Statement of Community Involvement
Our Statement of Community Involvement sets out how we will involve the community during significant development control decisions.
Statement of Consultation
Here is the Borough of Redditch Local Plan No.4 Statement of Consultation, which sets out how the documents were consulted on.
Staying healthy
Information, advice and local support to help you stay healthy
Stop smoking
Want to stop smoking? Our dedicated stop smoking advisors can help and support you on your journey to quit.
Storm threat to power supply to be removed
Works to keep Redditch’s power on in storms and high winds are to begin this month (October).
Story, Song and Rhyme
Wednesdays during term time, 9.45am - 10.30am and 10.45am - 11.30am at Redditch Library.
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment
The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment identifies land that could be suitable for new housing developments of five or more dwellings
Strategic Housing Market Assessment
The Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) provides a strategic view of housing supply and demand in all housing sectors up to 2030.
Strategic Housing
Contact the Strategic Housing team here.
Street Care and Cleaning
Contact Street Care and Cleaning
Street cleaning service standards
These are the standards to which we hold our service every day.
Street cleaning
Working together for a cleaner, safer Redditch.
Street collection licence
If you want to collect money or sell things for the benefit of charitable or other purposes in the street, you will need a licence from us.
Street Lighting
Contact Street Lighting
street lighting
Report highway issues to Worcestershire County Council here.
Street naming and numbering Team
Contact Street naming and numbering
Street naming and numbering
You can change or get a new postcode, street name or number here.
Street trading and licenses
If you want to sell items in a street, you need a street trading license and you can apply here.
Strength and Balance Exercise Classes
This scheme is supported by the NHS and is specifically designed to help people who have problems with strength and balance.
Study into future growth implications for Redditch to 2026
The work carried out by consultants White Young Green can be found here.
Submit a planning application
You can submit your application online. Make sure you include everything that's required!
Subsidies for affordable housing
Affordable housing schemes may qualify for Government subsidies to support their delivery.
Substance abuse
Our dedicated advisors can help and support you on your journey to quit substance abuse
Summer fun at workshops
Young people from across the borough can get involved in some exciting drama based activities over the summer holidays.
Summer Fun
Here's your guide to a host of fun activities in Redditch this summer. Make your holiday sizzle!
Sunny Fields
Sunny Fields Early Help Centre based in Charford offers so many activities, services and clinics.
Supplementary planning documents
Here are our Supplementary Planning Documents (formerly known as Guidance) that elaborate on the Development Plan.
Supplier Payments over £500 Financial Year 2010/11
Here are the over £500 spend for 2010/11
Supplier Payments over £500 Financial Year 2011/12
Here are the over £500 spend for 2011/12
Supplier Payments over £500 Financial Year 2012/13
Here are the over £500 spend for 2012/13
Supplier Payments over £500 Financial Year 2013/14
Here are the over £500 spend for 2013/14
Supplier Payments over £500 Financial Year 2014/15
Here are the over £500 spend for 2014/15
Supplier Payments over £500 Financial Year 2015/16
Here are the over £500 spend for 2015/16
Supplier Payments over £500
As part of our commitment to providing financial transparency, we will routinely publish details of spending on goods and services for which we have paid more than £500
Supplier Payments over £5000 April 2015 - May 2015
Here is the report for the period from April 2015 - May 2015
Supplier Payments over £5000 January - February 2015
Here is the report for the period from January 2015 - February 2015
Supplier Payments over £5000
As part of our commitment to providing financial transparency, we will routinely publish details of spending on goods and services for which we have paid more than £5000
Support at home
Need support at home? Maybe we can help you
Support for additional needs
Come together and share concerns and experiences with other families in a relaxed and informal way.
Support for Older People in Redditch
External Link to Age UK Redditch. Information about local services and advice Age UK offer to support older people.
Support for those leaving the Services
Leaving or planning to leave the Armed Forces? There is a wealth of support available from local and national organisations to help you through this difficult time
Support for young parents
We can support you and help you to access services at the right time and in the right place.
Support services
Here are some extra support services that you might find useful if you need some help.
Supporting sports clubs
There is a wealth of support available for sports clubs. Find out more here.
Supporting you into adulthood
We're here to help you prepare for life after school.
Sustainability Appraisal Consultation
The Sustainability Appraisal was subject to a six-week consultation period that ended on Tuesday 5 May 2015. View the responses here.
Sustainability funding and help
Starting a business or have an existing business, need sustainability help and funding?
You can swim at one of two leisure centres with swimming pools in Redditch, the recently refurbished Abbey Stadium and Kingsley Leisure Centre.