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CAB - Citizens Advice Bureau
CAB: For free, independent, confidential advice on a range of issues including housing, debt, employment and much more.
Calculate your fees
Fees for planning are set nationally - calculate yours here.
Calling all community groups
Redditch Borough Council are calling all community groups from across the borough to take up stalls at two of their biggest annual events.
Care alarm
Our community alarm service provides peace of mind 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to vulnerable people and their families.
Care and Repair Worcestershire Contact
Contact Care and Repair Worcestershire
Care and Repair Worcestershire
External link to Care and Repair Worcestershire website
Catching up with the cutting
Redditch will be looking trim and proper again in the next few weeks after moves to improve the grass cutting service are finalised.
CCTV Monitoring centre
contact the CCTV Monitoring Centre
Our CCTV system operates over 100 cameras in public places across the district, and communicates directly to the police.
Cemetery locations
We have three Cemetries in Redditch
Change of circumstances - Pension Credit
If you or your partner are over 60 and getting Pension Credit you must tell the Pension Service of any changes and they will tell you how the change will affect you.
Change of circumstances for benefits - examples
Here are some example changes in your circumstances that you must tell us about if you are in receipt of benefits.
Change of circumstances for benefits.
If you are getting benefits and your address or other circumstances change, tell us straight away You might be committing benefit fraud if you don't.
Changes at your Address
What to do if there are any changes at your address
Charges and appeals
Pay, appeal, or find out more about parking penalty charges here.
A list of our charges for Re-use of information
Check if you need planning permission
We can help you to check if you will need planning permission. It's free unless you are proposing to build more than one dwelling.
Check your home is in good repair
During your notice period we will check that your home is in good repair.
Link to chemists search on NHS Choices website
Cherry Trees
Cherry Trees, based in Batchley, offers so many avtivities, find out more about these, timetable of services and clinics here
Cherry Trees Early Help Centre
contact the Cherry Trees Early Help Centre
Chief Executive
Contact the Chief Executive
Chief Executive’s Office
Contact the Chief Executive’s Office
Child Behaviour Tool Box
Child Behaviour Toolbox Autism Family toolbox for parents and families
Child Health Clinics
Drop in Child Health Clinics are run at our centres by the Health Visitors.
Childminders Drop In - Group providers
Contact Childminders Drop In - Group providers
Childminders Drop In
For a fun place to take the children in your care where they can all join in together.
Children''s Centre Engagement Feed Back Form
Could you take a moment to complete a survey for Healthwatch Worcestershire?
Childrens Summer Fun
Here's your guide to a host of fun activities in Redditch this summer. Make your holiday sizzle!
Choosing music for your service
It’s your choice whether to have music at your service, and what music to play. Here are some options.
Christmas in Redditch 2015
If you like fun events and Christmas cheer, come and join us in Redditch town centre for a series of festive activities organised by the Kingfisher Centre, Redditch Town Centre Partnership and Redditch Borough Council .
Church Hill Community Centre
Contact Church Hill Community Centre
Cinema licencing
Here are license requirements for cinemas and the showing of films, including some specific local policies.
Citizen's Advice Bureau
link to the Citizen's Advice Bureau website
Civil Parking Enforcement
Here are all the details of how we enforce parking regulations on behalf of Worcestershire County Council.
Club funding
There could be funding available for your club right now. Why not have a look?
Club Premises Certificates - Fees and charges
Club Premises Certificates - Here are the fees and charges for Club Premises Certificates, which are set nationally, from GOV.UK.
Club premises certificates - National Documentation
Club Premises Certificates - Here is documentation related to Club Premises Certificates from GOV.UK.
Club Premises Certificates - National guidance
Club Premises Certificates - Here is guidance on Club Premises Certificates from GOV.UK.
Club Premises Certificates - The Legislation
Club Premises Certificates - Here are the Licensing Act 2003 (Premises licences and club premises certificates) Regulations 2005 from GOV.UK
Club Premises Certificates
Club Premises Certificates are licences which authorise qualifying clubs to use club premises for qualifying club activities.
Clubmark is a badge of excellence for sport clubs and can give your club priority for local projects, funding and support - find out more here.
Coconut Island Soft Play Session
This fun physical soft play session is available at a subsidised price of £1.50, which includes a drink.
Commercial and light industry space
Flexible commercial and light industrial space is available in our Rubicon Centre.
Commercial premises
If you are looking for commercial premises in Redditch, try starting here.
Commercial recycling - The Legislation
Here are the waste legislation and regulations from GOV.UK.
Community centres
Fun activities, facilities, rooms for hire, halls for events, shows, private parties – there’s something for you at Redditch’s community centres.
Community Exercise Sessions
Here you will find all of our exercise sessions in the Community, many sessions are free and where there is a cost it is kept to a minimum.
Community Right to Bid
The Community Right to Bid gives eligible groups the opportunity to identify and nominate assets that are of value to the local community, find out more here
Community right to challenge - National guidance
Here is lots of information on the community right to challenge, from My Community Rights.
Community right to challenge - The legislation
Here is full information on the Community Right to Challenge from GOV.UK.
Community right to challenge
We will consider any expression of interest from certain groups of people that might want to run certain services that we provide.
Community Safety
Contact Community Safety
Community transport
Redditch Dial-A-Ride is a door-to-door community transport service for residents of the borough who can't use public transport.
Competition winner gets some GRIT
The winner of a free six week course at the Abbey Stadium has completed his challenge and is now fitter, stronger and healthier.
Complaints: when things go wrong
If we have failed to provide one of our services to you or something has gone wrong please tell us and we will investigate.
Composting at home
Cheaply transform your waste into garden fertiliser and avoid landfill - compost today!
Computer courses
Here are our courses that are offered at three levels, Entry, Level 1, and Level 2.
Concessionary travel
Here is full information on concessionary travel passes from Worcestershire County Council.
Conditions for using our garages
Here are the conditions of use that apply to all our garage tenants.
Conkers based in Hagley, Bromsgrove offers so many activities, services and clinics.
Here you will find any ongoing consultations related to our policies or any other matters.
Consumer advice and trading standards
Advice on a range of consumer issues from Worcestershire Regulatory Services including faulty goods, cancellations, holidays, and more
Contaminated land
'Contaminated land' is when land been formally determined to have the potential to cause significant harm due to certain pollutants. Find out more here from Worcestershire Regulatory Services.
Contracts available to tender
Any contracts that we are currently advertising will appear here.
Contracts finder
Contracts Finder lets you search for information about contracts worth over £10,000 with the government and its agencies.
Cottonwood centre based in Wythall offers so many services, activites and clinics.
Council Car Parking
Find out more about Controlled On Street Parking spaces within the Borough
Council Configuration and Key Councillor Roles
The configuration of the Council and key roles held by elected Councillors.
Council flies a flag for armed forces
Redditch Mayor Cllr Pattie Hill helped to fly a flag at Redditch Town Hall on Monday (June 22) ahead of Armed Forces Day.
Council opening times and locations
Council opening times and locations
Council Organisation
Redditch Borough Council Management, a shared Management with Bromsgrove District Council, download the structure and obtain contact details
Council Tax - Resident
Contact Council Tax
Council Tax discount for disabled people
If you're disabled or have a disabled person living with you, you could get a discount on your Council Tax.
Council Tax discounts
Find out if your Council Tax could be discounted for a range of reasons including living alone, certain disabilities and more.
Council Tax Hardship Scheme
If you get Council Tax Support and can’t pay your remaining Council Tax due to exceptional circumstances, you can apply for help from our hardship scheme.
Council tax reduction scheme
Here is the full document of our Council Tax Reduction Scheme.
Council Tax Support legislation and policy
Helping people on low incomes pay their Council Tax is now up to local authorities after a change in Government policy.
Council Tax Support or Second Adult Rebate
To make an application for Council Tax Support or Second Adult Rebate you will need to fill in a form and provide evidence to prove your circumstances.
Council Tax
Pay for and find out all about Council Tax here, including discounts you could get and how it is all spent.
Council section home page
Councillors Expenses
Councillors are entitled to receive certain allowances for undertaking their duties
Councillors join forces against temporary obstetrics and neo natal closure
The leader of Redditch Borough Council has joined forces with Bromsgrove and Stratford on Avon council leaders in writing to the Secretary of State regarding the ‘untenable’ situation at the Alexandra Hospital.
Counselling Directory website
link to Counselling Directory website
Counter Fraud
Find out more about the expenditure for Counter Fraud
County books on prescription
link to the County books on prescription website
County Council Elections
Previous results: County Council Elections
Create a parking space on my property
If you don’t already have a parking space on your property and want to create one, we can help.
Create new or disabled parking space
If you don’t have a parking space on your property and want to create one, or need a disabled parking space nearby, we can help.
Contact the Crematorium
Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Panel
Designated with the responsibility for reviewing the local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership
Crimestoppers website
link to the Crimestoppers website
Current Ward Map
Here is the basic ward map of the borough, showing the 12 wards that borough councillors may be elected to represent.
Current Work
The current work of Overview and Scrutiny and the topics that are currently being reviewed by Councillors
Customer care pledge
"Every customer, every time: everybody matters." Here are the standards of customer care we expect across our services.
Cycling classes
We've got a range of spin classes, just for you. Find out more here.
Here are cycling maps, clubs and more information from Worcestershire County Council.