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National guidance to Small Business rate relief
Here is the national guidance on business rates from GOV.UK.
Paediatric First Aid
Accredited courses on lifesaving skills and family first aid.
Palace Theatre Box Office
Contact the Palace Theatre Box Office
Pallet wrapping
Eliminate the need for disposable pallet wrapping from Green Apple Award-winning Palletsock.
Parent and toddler sessions
Want to swim at a special parent and toddler session?
Parent to be sessions
These mini workshops for you and your partner as you prepare for your baby's arrival.
Parenting help
Special clinics by parenting key workers on a range of childcare issues are available for you at our centres.
Parish Council Elections
Previous results: Parish Council Elections
Good parking reduces traffic congestion and air pollution, improves safety, and helps ensure people with specific needs are able to make access to what they need.
Contact Parking
Parking at our parks and attractions
Maps, height restrictions and other advice on parking at some of Redditch's parks and other attractions.
Parking permits conditions of use
Here are the conditions of use for residents and vistors parking permits.
Parkruns are free, timed, five kilometre events organised across the world to be safe and welcoming for anyone and everyone.
Parks & Open Spaces
Contact Parks & Open Spaces
Parks and outdoors
Find out all you need to know about the fabulous parks we have
Parliamentary Election Results
Results for the - Redditch County Constituency Parliamentary Election - 6 May 2010
Past Mayors
List of past mayors and Freemen of the Borough
Pay your business rates
You have the right to pay your rates in 12 monthly instalments as long as you pay them regularly and on time.
Paying for your home: discounts and costs
Here's some information on the discounts and costs associated with buying your home under the Right to Buy.
Paying your home loan
Manageable loan payments are vital. We would not have to give you another tenancy if your home was repossessed!
PCNs and charges
Here is the list of parking contraventions and the levels of penalty charges that apply to them.
Perfect Spin
Ride the rhythm of powerful beats through a mixture of resistance training, with hill climbs and seated sprints!
Personal licences
Personal Licences authorise individuals to supply or authorise the supply of alcohol. They're separate from Premises Licences.
Pest control
Contact Pest Control
Pest control
Pest control for rats is free for everyone in Redditch, and people in receipt of certain benefits are eligible for wasps, fleas and more.
Pet shop licenses
To run any business selling pet animals, including in shops and online, you need a licence from us.
Petition Scheme
Here you will find more information regarding, the Petition Scheme, including submitting a petition (as 'Lead Petitioner')
Petitions, how to submit or add your name to a Petition
Pilates is a relaxed low impact session that will improve your posture, core, muscular strength and balance.
Pitcheroak Golf Course
Contact Pitcheroak Golf Course
Apply for planning permission, tell us about a problem, make local searches on a property you're buying and much more with our planning services.
Planning appeals
If you don't agree with a decision we have made on a planning application or enforcement matter, you can appeal.
Planning enforcement
If planning law is breached we may take enforcement action. If you think a breach of planning has occurred you can report it here.
Planning Enquiries
Contact Planning Enquiries
Planning obligations: Section 106 Agreements
Section 106 Agreements, sometimes called planning obligations, are agreements to make local improvements that developers can enter into to make a developments acceptable.
Planning policies
Here are the planning policies that help to guide development in Redditch.
Planning Policy
Contact Planning Policy
Police and Crime Commissioner
Results for the Police and Crime Commissioner
Police legislation
Hackney carriage - Here is the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 from GOV.UK.
Police legislation
Private hire vehicle licences - Here is the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 from GOV.UK.
Police legislation
Private hire operator licences - Here is the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 from GOV.UK.
Police legislation
Taxi Driver Licences - Here is the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 from GOV.UK.
Policy and strategy
Policy and strategy
Policy Team
Contact the Policy Team
Pool hire
You can book out our swimming pools for private hire at certain times on the weekends.
Pool parties
Have fun in one of our two pools with giant inflatables, followed by your own private room for you to serve food in.
Positive experiences of education
We can support young people and families with attendance, behaviour and self-esteem.
Postal Proxy
If you have been appointed by an elector as their proxy then you can vote by post on their behalf.
Pre-application advice fees
Here are the fees for advice from our planning experts on your proposed development before you apply for planning permission.
Pre-enrolment mini tests
A link to our maths course pre-enrolment mini tests
Premises licences
You usually need a Premises Licence before you can sell alcohol or provide late night refreshment or regulated entertainment.
Previous Election Results
Find all the Previous Election Results
Find out if you are entitled to Free Courses or if not, find the price per course
Prices for sports and fitness
Here are the prices for the various sports and fitness activities at our leisure centres.
Principal solicitor, Redditch
Contact the Principal Solicitor, Redditch
Private hire operator licences
If you want to take private hire bookings your operation must be licensed by us.
Private hire vehicle licences
Vehicles that take private hire bookings through a licensed booking office must be licensed by us.
Private Sector Housing
Contact Private Sector Housing
Private tenancy scheme
Find tenants fast and with a wealth of support from us through our Step Up tenancy scheme.
Problems paying your business rates?
If you have problems paying your business rates please contact us immediately as we may be able to help.
Problems paying your Council Tax?
If you have problems paying your Council Tax please contact us immediately as you may be able to rearrange the way you pay.
Contact Procurement
Prohibited streets
Street trading is prohibited outright in certain streets, where it would be a criminal offence.
Promoting good school attendance and punctuality
This can make a big difference to your education.
Properties that are exempt from Council Tax
Certain properties may be exempt from Council Tax. Here is a summary
Property accreditation scheme
Get your rental properties accredited with us for a host of benefits, including the ability to show that your properties are well maintained and managed.
Property developers
Here is key information for property developers.
Property services
Contact Property Services
Public arts
There are all sorts of public artworks to enjoy across the borough. Here's information from Arts in Redditch.
Public landscaping
Redditch is a Heart of England in Bloom Gold Award winner and we intend to keep it that way!
Public register of licensed Houses in Multiple Occupation
Here’s the current list of licensed Houses in Multiple Occupation in the Bromsgrove District.
Public register of permits
A list of all permitted processes in Worcestershire is available on our public register here.
Public registers of licences
Here are our public registers of the holders of certain types of license.
Purdah: guidance on publicity during the pre-election period
Here is guidance on the publicity restrictions that this council should now observe until the election on May 7, from the Local Government Association.
Pyjama Drama
Fridays at Willow Trees from 10.30am - 11.00am.