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Learning and Career Information,
Lakes and water
Waterways are abundant in Redditch and there are all sorts of things to do on them - find out more here.
Land and property assets
Here is a list of our land and property assets, with buildings and other information included.
Land and property for rent or sale
Here is a list of land and property for sale or rent that is owned by us or Worcestershire County Council.
Land charge prices
Here are what the various elements of the land charge searches cost.
Land charges - National guidance
Find out where to send Land Registration applications and correspondence here from GOV.UK.
Land charges a brief explanation
There is some extra information about the Local Land Charges (LLC) Register and CON29 function, including a short history.
Land Charges
Contact Land Charges
Land charges
Protect your investment when buying or selling any property by getting the most thorough local land searches from us.
Landlords - fire risk assessment support
Here's guidance on completing a fire safety risk assessment for people responsible for sleeping accommodation from GOV.UK.
Landlords - Grants and funding
There are a number of funding opportunities for landlords - find out more here.
Landlords invited to learn critical new legislation
Landlords could struggle to end tenancies if they fail to heed new legislation, housing experts will warn at a free open event for local landlords.
Are you a Landlord or require information on what being a Landlord entails? All you need to know can be found here
Landscaping Stops For Essential Works
Landscaping on Redditch’s Highways has come to a stop while Worcestershire County Council carries out essential repairs.
Late appeals
If you appeal after the one month deadline has passed you will have to provide adequate reasons why your appeal is late.
Lead an Arrow Valley Country Park health walk
Popular health walks starting from the Countryside Centre twice a week are always seeking new volunteers to help out.
Leaders unite to save the Alex
Local MPs and council leaders have announced that they will meet with the Secretary of State to discuss the future provision of services at The Alexandra Hospital.
Learn to swim
Learn to swim easily with our highly qualified instructors at the Abbey Stadium.
Learning and careers
Learn new skills on the way to discovering your new job or career
Learningonline - Redditch
Return to work or education by improving your skills and building confidence at Learningonline-Redditch.
Learningonline Redditch
Contact Learning Online Redditch
Leaseholder payments
Pay your service charge and read more about it here.
Leave your home clean and tidy
It's your responsibility to leave your home clean, tidy and well decorated.
Licence Surgery Times
Worcestershire Reglatory Services hold licensing surgeries at the Town Hall, a Licensing Officer will be available to see you in person. Here are the times
If we agree that you can re-use our information we will require you agree to our terms and conditions of re-use. These terms and conditions are set out in our Licence Agreements...
Licenses and permits you may need
You may need licenses or permits for you business activity, to ensure high standards and public safety. Find out more here.
Licensing consultations
Here you will find any ongoing consultations related to any licenses or licensing policy.
Licensing Fees and Charges
Here you will find the fees and charges for licences
Life coaching courses
Learn how to manage emotions, build confidence and aspirations for the future.
Lifeguard training
You can do a ten-week Rookie Lifeguarding course at our Kingsley Sports Centre.
Line dancing
Find out more about local line dancing sessions here.
List of Councillors
Find your councillor, including contact details
Listed Buildings in Redditch
Here is British Listed Buildings' version of the National Heritage List of buildings considered to be important in Redditch.
Litter and dog bins
Here's how we deal with litter or dog bins. If you see a problem, please tell us.
Litter and street cleaning
We all want a clean and safe Redditch. If there is a litter problem somewhere, please tell us as soon as you can.
Live Well Be Well
Our Activity Referral scheme. An 11 Week course run from the Abbey Stadium. Designed to increase activity levels and improve your lifestyle.
Living homepage
Loans for work to Houses in Multiple Occupation
You can get interest-free loans for up to half of the cost of certain works on Houses in Multiple Occupation from us.
Local Chemists
Link to chemists search on NHS Choices website
Local Dentists
link to Dentist search on NHS Choices website
Local Doctors
link to GP search on NHS Choices website
Local Health Improvement Contacts
Click here for useful contacts for local information and advice
Local Plan 4 documents
The following core documents have been prepared to support the Borough of Redditch Local Plan No. 4.
Local Plan 4 previous stages
Here are the previous stages of the progress of Local Plan 4, before the examination in public began.
Local Plan
Here is the adopted Local Plan 3.
Look out for important electoral forms
Redditch residents should look out for important Household Enquiry Forms landing on their doorsteps over the next few weeks.
Love Your Market
Redditch residents and traders will love their market more than ever as it takes part in a national campaign.
Low Mood and Self-Harm Support
Low Mood and Self-Harm Support Services