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Licensing (WRS)
Contact Licensing
Walks for health
Join us on fun walks around the district led by trained volunteer walk leaders, or become a volunteer walk leader yourself!
Warden highlights more cases of cruelty
A Worcestershire dog warden is continuing her campaign to stop canine cruelty by highlighting some of the appalling cases she comes across every day.
Warehousing and light industry space
Warehousing and light industrial space is available at our Heming Road Enterprise Centre.
Waste Contracts
Find out more regarding all existing waste collection contracts.
Water Bambinos
Come and enjoy these fun, sociable swimming lessons for children from birth to four years old in our Abbey Stadium learner pool.
Water classes
Come and join us for Aquafit classes in our pools!
Water safety in the home
Here is some advice on how to prevent problems with water in your home.
You can find out about watersports on Arrow Valley Lake here, from the Arrow Valley Visitor Centre.
Waymarked trails
Circular walking trails at Arrow Valley Country Park take in various landmarks across the 900-acre park, and are disability accessible.
We want your feedback
We want your feedback, and you can give it to us here.
Webheath Wanderers health walks
These walks start every Tuesday at 10.30am from Webheath Village Hall on Heathfield Road (B97 5SQ).
Welfare legislation
Here is the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999 from GOV.UK.
What apprentices can do for you
Over 80% of people are more likely to use a business if it offers apprenticeships to young people.
What can I put in my bins?
Find out what you can put in your bins, including paper, cartons, plastic, glass, metal and more.
What can I put in my bins?
Find out what you can put in your bins, including paper, cartons, plastic, glass, metal and more.Find out what you can put in your bins here
What can I put in my bins?
Find out what you can put in your bins, including paper, cartons, plastic, glass, metal and more.
What extra support can I get from the Dial-A-Ride driver?
Dial-A-Ride is a door-to-door service. Here is what we can and cannot help you with.
What happens to benefit fraud suspects
If suspicions of benefit fraud turn out to be true you could be cautioned, penalised or even prosecuted.
What if major works are required to my block?
After more than five years you will have to bear any reasonable costs of work carried out. Here's some more info.
What is a hate incident?
What is a hate incident? Find out more from True Vision here.
What is my bin collection day?
You can check your bin collection day here.
What is O&S
Here you can find out more regarding what is Overview and Scrutiny
What our learners say
What our learners said about training with us
What the Official Certificate of Search (LLC1) does
The Official Certificate of Search asks how many entries there are in the 12 parts of the Local Land Charge Register.
What the Required Enquiries of Local Authority (CON29R) does
The Required Enquiries of Local Authority is a series of searches on other matters that aren't on the Local Land Charges Register.
What we do at Early Help
We're excited to support you and your family as your children go through every stage of growing up.
What we must consider for each application
We must determine applications in accordance with local and national policy - here are some tips.
When Housing Benefit can be paid to other people
Housing Benefit can sometimes be paid to your landlord, their agent, or someone who looks after your money or who has power of attorney.
When you appeal
Here's what happens when you appeal a benefit decision
Who can claim Housing Benefit
Find out whether you can claim Housing Benefit here.
Who can take away my waste?
Find a registered waste carrier here. Never use unregistered waste carriers - if they fly tip your waste, you are legally responsible.
Who can take away my waste?
You're still responsible for your waste after collection, so use one of these registered waste carriers.
Who has to pay the Council Tax
Someone will be liable for the Council Tax on a property - it is usually someone living there. Find out more here.
Who is and is not a 'second adult'
Here is a list of who can qualify as a 'second adult' for the purposes of calculating Second Adult Rebate.
Who is exempt from Council Tax
Certain people may be exempt from Council Tax, and are disregarded in some calculations.
Why is there a grant available?
Our 'In-Curtilage Parking Scheme' and grant is designed to encourage improved parking for a better Redditch.
Wildlife and habitats
Arrow Valley Country Park is protected as a green space and has undergone an amazing transformation since it was first created in the late 1960.
Will power and grace
Challenging fitness routines. Bring plenty of willpower!
Windmill Community Centre
Windmill Community Centre is a base for many local groups and fun activities, and you can hire it too.
Woodland management
Here's how we manage over 415 acres of woodlands in Redditch.
Woodlands Early Help Centre
Contact Woodlands Early Help Centre
Woodrow Community Centre
Contact Woodrow Community Centre
Worcestershire County Council budget
Worcestershire County Council's budget and Council Tax information.
Worcestershire Regulatory Services
Contact Worcestershire Regulatory Services
Work in conservation areas
In conservation areas normal permitted development rights may not apply and you may need a special type of planning permission called Conservation Area Consent.
Work on listed buildings
If you want to do any kind of work on any part of a listed building you may need Listed Building Consent from us
Work your service charge pays for and does not pay for
While a lot of maintenance is covered, some is not. Click for more info.
World Book Night
Come along and choose a free book to celebrate the joy of reading. If you aren’t a regular reader or have got out of the habit, this could be a great opportunity to get hooked on reading.