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Hackney carriage vehicle licences - Local government legislation
Hackney carriage - Here is the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 from GOV.UK.
Hackney carriage vehicle licences - Police Legislation
Hackney carriage - Here is the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 from GOV.UK.
Hackney carriage vehicle licences -Transport legislation
Hackney carriage - Here is the Transport Act 1985 from GOV.UK.
Hackney carriage vehicle licences
Hackney carriages which are hailed in the street or that ply for hire on any of our taxi ranks must be licensed by us.
Hand in your keys
Return your keys on time to avoid being charged extra rent.
Have a say in park management
If you have an interest in what goes on in your local park, come to our Green Space Forum.
Head of Business Transformation and OD
contact the Head of Business Transformation and OD
Head of Customer Access & Financial Services
Contact the Head of Customer Access & Financial Services
Head of Environmental Services
Conatct the Head of Environmental Services
Head of Housing Services
contact the Head of Housing Services
Head of Legal, Equalities & Democratic Services
Contact the Head of Legal, Equalities & Democratic Services
Head of Leisure and Cultural Services
Contact the Head of Leisure and Cultural Services
Head of Planning and Regeneration
Contact the Head of Planning and Regeneration
Head of Worcestershire Regulatory Services
Head of Worcestershire Regulatory Services , at this moment on time this position is vacant
Headline acts confirmed for Morton Stanley
Visitors can get some drum and bass with a bit of brass thrown into the mix as headline acts are confirmed for the annual Morton Stanley Festival.
Health and Social Care link
A link to the County 'Health and Social Care' pages
Health and Welfare Support
Organisations that can provide Health and Welfare Support
Health Improvement
Contact health improvement team
Health services
We can help you and your family to access lots of useful health services.
Healthy Eating
Advice and support to help you eat well
Healthy eating
Information and workshop activities about healthy eating and easy ways to improve your family's diet.
Healthy Start vitamins
Healthy Start supplements help you get essential nutrients and they're available from our centres.
Heating and lighting
Efficient heating and lighting can significantly reduce costs, be more efficient and create less pollution.
Help and Support for Widows and families
Organisations that can provide you with help and support to Widows and families
Help me with my bins
If you struggle with getting your bins out we may be able to help.
Help run your local parks
Become a partner in managing your parks and green spaces at your local friends groups.
Help stop benefit fraud
Help us to stop benefit fraud by never helping people lie to us, even by accident.
Help Us Send Rats Packing
Redditch Borough Council is launching a campaign in a bid to send an influx of rats, packing.
Help with Council Tax
You may be able to get help with your Council Tax if you are, or someone who lives with you is, on a low income or disabled.
Help, guidance and documentation
Including the eligibility criteria, the evaluation process, supporting documents and more.
Help, guidance and documents
Here’s lots of information to support private landlords, from Homestamp.
Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Council Tax
How your money is spent, from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service.
Hidden Histories Revealed
A mural depicting some of Redditch’s hidden history is set to brighten up an underpass in the town.
High energy classes
Take it up a notch with our more intensive fitness classes. You can do it!
Highways - Report online
Contact Highways
Highways Report an issue
Report highway issues to Worcestershire County Council here.
Hire a community centre
There are several well-equipped community centres across Redditch that you can hire for events, shows, private parties and more.
Hire a venue
If you want to hire a venue for an event, we have a range of options from beautiful Forge Mill to our Town Hall Civic Suite to business centres. Find out more here.
Hire meeting rooms at our business centres
Here are the meeting rooms that are available for hire at our quality business centres.
Hire rooms at the Town Hall
Did you know that you can hire romms at the Town Hall? Find out more about it here
Hire the Redditch Bandstand
Redditch town centre’s beautiful bandstand hosts events all year round including the summer Bandstand Festival. It’s also available to book for performances.
Historic and listed buildings
A number of historically important buildings in Redditch have been listed by English Heritage or 'locally listed' by us. Find out more here.
Holiday fun
There could be some fun activities near you during the holidays - find out more here.
Holistic classes
Classes for body, mind and soul.
Holly Trees
Holly Trees, based in Riverside, offers so many avtivities, find out more about these, timetable of services and clinics here
Holly Trees Early Help Centre
Contact Holly Trees Early Help Centre
Home alarm
Our community alarm service provides peace of mind 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to vulnerable people and their families.
Home Choice Contact
Contact Home Choice
Home Choice
Apply for council and housing association properties in Redditch with Home Choice here.
Home Choice
Find somewhere to live in Redditch here, including renting a home from us or other landords and if you're at risk of homelessness.
Home Insulation
Insulate walls and lofts to improve the comfort of your home, save money, and reduce condensation and mould.
Home Repairs Assistance
If you're a homowner we may be available to provide you with practical help and interest free loans to repair, improve and adapt your home via Home Repairs Assistance.
Home safety and security
Problems in your home will sometimes occur - stay safer with our simple guidelines.
Home Support Team
Contact the Home Support Department
Home Support
Our Home Support Service is available to older and vulnerable people who need support to remain independent in their home.
Home tenancy
For anything related to your tenancy and renting your home, click here.
Homelessness legislation and you
When we carry out homelessness interviews we have to assess whether you are ‘statutorily homeless’ under the relevant legislation.
Homelessness strategy for Worcestershire
Here is the Homelessness Strategy for Worcestershire which outlines how we approach homelessness.
If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, come and find out what assistance you could be entitled to.
Homes due to be demolished
If your landlord serves an initial demolition notice they are not obliged to complete a Right to Buy purchase.
Homes suitable for occupation by the elderly
Your landlord may refuse to let you buy on the grounds that your home is particularly suitable for occupation by elderly people.
Homestamp landlord support
We're a member of the Homestamp consortium that has produced comprehensive guides for landlords. Find out more here.
horse riding establishments the legislation
There is the Riding Establishments Act 1964 from GOV.UK.
Horse riding establishments
If you want to run an establishment where horses or ponies are hired out for riding or used for riding instruction, you need a licence
House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licensing
If you want to run a House in Multiple Occupation for five or more occupants comprising more than one household and the property is three or more storeys high, you must get a licence from us.
Household Recycling Centre (Crossgates)
Contact the Household Recycling Centre (Crossgates)
Household tips and recycling centres in Redditch
All the details for your local tips and household recycling centres are found on Let's Waste Less.
Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)
If your property is occupied by more than a single household and access or any other facility is shared, you must usually register it as an HMO and in some cases license it.
House-to-house collections the legislation
House-to-house collections - Here is the House to House Collections Act 1939 from GOV.UK.
House-to-house collections
If you want to carry out house-to-house collections for charitable purposes you need a permit from us.
Housing advice and homelessness review
Here is our most recent housing advice and homelessness review which helps to inform parts of our housing strategy.
Housing allocations policy
Here is our policy for how we allocate housing.
Housing and Financial Support
Organisations that can provide you with Housing and Financial Support
Housing Benefit Enquiries
Contact Housing Benefit Enquiries
Housing Benefit for landlords
Here is information on the rules surrounding tenants that receive Housing Benefit.
Housing Benefit information
Here is all the information on Housing Benefit from GOV.UK.
Housing Benefit payments direct to landlords
Housing Benefit may only be paid directly to the landlord under certain conditions.
Housing Benefit
Housing Benefit can help you pay your rent if you’re on a low income. Find out more here.
Housing complaint or enquiry
Homes should be maintained to a decent standard and safe to live in, and we can help make sure this happens.
Housing Options
Contact Housing Options
Housing Repairs
Contact Housing Repairs
Housing strategy
Here is our Housing Strategy which sets out how we will approach options around housing.
How a service usually proceeds
We will provide your service according to your wishes, but here is a basic example for information.
How benefit fraud affects benefit payments
Certain benefits may be reduced or stopped altogether if you commit benefit fraud.
How bidding for a home works
Properties become available every Thursday and are offered to bidders with the highest priority. Find out more here.
How can I protect my land?
What measures can I take to protect my site from unlawful encampments, find out more here.
How Housing Benefit is calculated
Here's what we take into account when we calculate your Housing Benefit entitlement.
How long will it take?
Disability Facilities Grants -This process involves several agencies and you should expect to have to be patient with your application. Find out more here.
How much grant could I qualify for?
After paying an amount that depends on your ability to pay you may be entitled to up to £30,000 towards the works.
How much is my Council Tax?
How much you pay will depend on which Council Tax band your property is in. Here are full details.
How to make a FOI request
Here is how to make a freedom of information request.
How to play disc golf
Here are the rules and techniques of disc golf. It's easy!
How to recycle (almost) everything
From bikes to yarn: the A-Z of how to recycle (almost) everything
How we award contracts
We will generally award contracts to the supplier who will provide best overall value, whilst meeting our requirements and standards.
How we investigate benefit fraud
We investigate using a range of powers using local and national data.
How we recover benefit overpayments
Here is how we recover overpaid Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.
How we work - Redditch Crematorium and Chapel
We work flexibly with your funeral director to meet all your wishes for your service wherever possible.
How your benefits are paid
Under Government rules, the money usually goes straight into your bank or building society account via BACS.
How your Council Tax is spent
Here's how each Council Tax authority - us, the county, police, fire, and parishes - budget your Council Tax.
How your service charge is calculated
Here's how service charges are calculated by dividing up costs per block, plus a set ground rent.
Human Resources
Contact Human Resources