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Dance classes
Get fit in style with our dance classes.
Dangerous buildings
If you believe a building or structure has become dangerous please report it to us as soon as possible.
Data protection and information management
We keep personal information that is necessary to provide you with the services you require. Find out more here.
Data Protection and landlords
Data protection requires us by law to protect claimant confidentiality.
Day of the Daleks is dawning
Forge Mill Museum is preparing itself for another Dalek invasion on 9 August following the success of last year’s event.
Death of a tenant
Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can help. Death does not by itself cause tenancy or rent charges to end.
Debt Advice Foundation
link to the Debt Advice Foundation website
External link. Information about local support and services for those living with or caring for those with dementia
Democratic Services
Contact Democratic Services
Demolishing a building
If you are considering demolishing any kind of building, we can help. You must tell us of your intention to demolish six weeks before you start.
link to Dentist search on NHS Choices website
Developing affordable Housing
Here are national planning guidelines for the development of affordable housing, from GOV.UK.
Development Control
Contact Development Control
Development Plans
Contact Development Plans
Dial a Ride
Contact Dial a Ride
Disability and Inclusive Activities
You can get involved with lots of disability and inclusive sports opportunities in Redditch, what ever your age or ability. From fun based sessions to competitive opportunities we try and ensure there is something for everyone.
Disability Boxercise
Come and get active, keep fit and learn some exciting new skills and techniques at our new boxercise sessions.
Disabled Facilities Grants -The legislation
Here's the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 from GOV.UK. It contains full eligibility criteria.
Disabled Facilities Grants
If you're a homeowner you may be able to get help to pay for essential adaptations to your home if you or someone who lives with you has a disability.
Disabled Facility Grants - The process
Here's how the application process for Disabled Facility Grants works.
Disabled Parking Badges
External Link to Worcestershire County Council Blue Badge Scheme
Disabled parking locations
Here is a map of the disabled car parking spaces in Redditch town centre. It also shows Dial-a-Ride drop off points.
Disabled parking spaces
If you have a Blue Badge and experience problems accessing your property, you can request a disabled parking bay to be created close by.
Disc golf
All you need is a flying disc to enjoy our fantastic Disc Golf course for all ages and abilities at Arrow Valley Country Park.
Disclosure log
Our disclosure log provides the answers to our most popular requests made under Freedom of Information (FOI).
Discount under Right to Buy
Right to buy discounts can be as much as £77,000 in total. Find out more here.
link to GP search on NHS Choices website
dog breeding License regulation
License regulations - Here are the The Breeding of Dogs (Licensing Records) Regulations 1999 from GOV.UK.
Dog breeding more legislation
Dog Breeding , more legislation Here is the Breeding of Dogs Act 1991 from GOV.UK.
Dog breeding the legislation
Dog Breeding - Here is the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973 from GOV.UK.
Dog breeding walfare legislation
Welfare legislation -Here is the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999 from GOV.UK.
Dog breeding
If you keep bitches at any premises and they give birth to five or more litters during a period of 12 months, you need a Dog Breeding Licence.
Doing business with the council
We run many contracts, sponsorship opportunities and events that could benefit your business.
Domestic abuse support 24hr
Contact Domestic abuse support 24hr
Domestic Abuse Support
Confidential support to hep your family get the right help during difficult times.
Domestic abuse
Domestic abuse takes many forms including physical violence. We're here to support you, challenge perpetrators and educate the public.
Draft procurement strategy
Here is our draft corporate procurement strategy.
Drainage and sewerage
Who is responsible for drainage and sewerage issues? Find out here.
Report highway issues to Worcestershire County Council here.
Dropped Kerb
A link to the Worcestershire County Dropped Kerb page
Drug and Alcohol support services
External link to Worcestershire Recovery Partnership - Swanswell (Redditch) Local support services to help you reduce your alcohol levels or drug use
Drug and Alcohol
Advice and support to help you with alcohol or drug issues from our partners at Bromsgrove District Council.