The Council is currently experiencing problems with the committe and agenda publishing system which is impacting on access to agenda packs which have been published the week beginning 28th September 2015. The agenda packs affected can be accessed via the links below.

Overview and Scrutiny Committee, 6th October

Worcestershire Shared Services Joint Committee, 8th October

Council, 8th October

Your Councillors by Ward

There are 29 Councillors; each one is elected for a period of 4 years to represent the residents in part of the Borough known as a Ward.Redditch has 12 Wards.

Political Representation on the Council is:




Redditch is Labour controlled with a Leader and Executive style of governance.

You can view information about each Councillor, including their committee appointments, attendance and contact information.

Each elected member serves on full Council, which determines strategy, policy and sets the budget and Council tax.

An important part of the Councillor’s role takes place away from the Council itself and in their ward, where they act as a point of contact between the District and Parish Councils and residents on a range of community matters.

Many Councillors also serve on outside organisations, such as joint committees and registered charities, providing a valuable link between the Council and these organisations.

The Leader and Deputy Leader

The Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council are the two most senior politicians from the political party which has the largest number of elected Councillors.

The Leader of the Council is Councillor Bill Hartnett and the deputy is Councillor Greg Chance.

The Leader is responsible for creating the Council’s vision, determining strategy and objectives, assessing priorities and leading policy implementation.He is the Council’s link with Central Government and represents the Council on a number of partnership projects and initiatives.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor

The Mayor of the Council is elected each year by the full Council at its Annual Meeting in May.The Mayor of the Council is the civic and ceremonial head of the Council, chosen by Members to represent them across the district, be the impartial chair of meetings, support local community projects and attend local events.

For 2015/16 the Mayor is Councillor Pattie Hill with Councillor Joe Baker elected as Deputy Mayor.

Although the Mayor of the Council is usually a member of a political Group, when they take on the official role of Mayor they agree to be apolitical for the year.This is because the Mayor of the Council is expected to be the “balancer” in council meetings and ensure all political parties are represented equally.

The Executive

All Executive Members are from the controlling political group and are appointed to the Executive by the Leader.The Executive takes decisions collectively and Executive Members do not have individual decision-making powers.Some functions are delegated to the Executive.On budget and policy matters the Executive makes recommendations to the full Council.

The current Executive Members are detailed below and each has specific Council services which they are responsible for, these are called portfolios.

Councillor Bill Hartnett

Leader of the Council and

Portfolio Holder for Community Leadership & Partnership

Councillor Greg Chance

Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder

for Planning, Regeneration, Economic Development,

Public Transport

Councillor John Fisher

Portfolio Holder for Corporate Management

Councillor Yvonne Smith

Portfolio Holder for Community Safety

& Regulatory Services

Councillor Mark Shurmer

Portfolio Holder for Housing

Councillor Debbie Taylor

Portfolio Holder for Local Environment & Health

Councillor Pat Witherspoon

Portfolio Holder for Leisure & Tourism