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Change in Circumstances

If you claim benefits and your circumstances change you need to tell us as soon as possible, at least within one calendar month of when the change happened.

If you do not tell us about any changes the amount of benefit you receive could be too much or not enough. If you delay in reporting changes to us, we could be pay you too much benefit. This is known as an overpayment, and you will need to pay back the amount of benefit we overpaid you. It may also mean you are underpaid what you are entitled to and not get all the help available to you.

Claiming benefits that you are not entitled to is illegal. It's important that you make sure we're aware of any changes in your circumstances that could affect your claim listed in the section below.

It is the responsibility of the person claiming benefits to tell us about any changes and provide the evidence for the change.

Changes you need to tell us about

You need to tell us if any of the following happens to you or anyone living with you.

  • Change in income from employment/self-employment
  • Change in income from benefits
  • Change in rent or tenancy details
  • Start or finish a job, or have a change to working hours
  • A birth or death in the household
  • Change of address (this includes if you move to another flat or room at the same address)
  • Anyone moves into or out of your household, including a partner, child, or lodger
  • Changes to any capital, savings and/or investments
  • Changes to pensions or any other income
  • Starting or finishing, school, education, training, or an apprenticeship
  • Someone goes into hospital, a care home or supported accommodation

Please note: if you claim Council Tax Support but do not claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, you need to tell us if any non-dependant adults are residents in your household, but you do not need to tell us about their income.

If you or your partner are getting Pension Credit please see the next section for more information.

If you or your partner are getting Pension Credit you must tell the pension service of any changes and they will tell you how the change will affect you. For more information see the Pension Credit change in circumstances section of GOV.UK

If the change is something which was not included in your pension credit calculation, you must tell us so we can update your claim for Housing Benefit, Second Adult Rebate or Council Tax Support.

If you have been overpaid Housing Benefit, Second Adult Rebate or Council Tax Support, we will write and tell you:

  • that there is an overpayment and the reason
  • the amount of the overpayment
  • how we worked out the overpayment
  • who the overpayment is recoverable from and at what rate

If you are still receiving Housing Benefit we will make a deduction from your ongoing weekly payments and this will be explained in your overpayment letter.

If you claim Second Adult Rebate or Council Tax Support the amount you were overpaid will be added to the amount of Council Tax you pay and we will send you a new bill.

Find out more about overpayments by visiting our overpayments section

How to tell us about a change in your circumstances.

To tell us about the change please use the "tell us about a change" button below

Any supporting evidence can be uploaded inside your application form.

Photographs of evidence can be taken using a smartphone. Take a clear photograph of your evidence and upload the photo inside the form in the supporting documents section.

If you have access to a scanner, you can scan the evidence and upload your scanned documents inside the form in the supporting documents section.

Tell us about a change


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