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Disability discounts

If you are a disabled person living alone or you live with a disabled person you may be able to claim a discount on your Council Tax bill.

You may be able to claim a disability discount if the following criteria applies to your circumstances.
In assessing the application, the authority will need to be satisfied that the following criteria apply.

  • A disabled resident who needs space for a wheelchair to be used inside the home,


  • A room which is not a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory and which is predominantly used by and is required for meeting the needs of the disabled person


  • A bathroom or kitchen which is not the only bathroom or kitchen within the dwelling, and which is required for meeting the needs of the disabled person.

If we are satisfied any of the above applies to your circumstances you may qualify for a discount in your council tax bill.

How much will the reduction be?

If you qualify your Council Tax bill will be reduced by one valuation band. For example, if your property is valued in Band D and you qualify for a reduction, you will be charged the Council Tax which relates to a Band C. With effect from 01/04/2000 those people who are living in a Band A property and qualify for the disabled discount will be entitled to a reduction in their Council Tax. This will be calculated as 1/9th of the amount for a Band D property.

Who should make the claim for reduction?

The person who is liable to pay the council tax bill for your home must make the application. Where more than one person is liable, any of the liable persons can make the claim.

How will the claim be dealt with?

After the completed form has been received we will determine whether the mandatory requirements for a reduction have been met. If you do not qualify for reduction then we will write to you and let you know why. We may need to visit you to discuss your claim and if this is necessary a member of the council tax team will contact you to arrange for a visit to be completed.

Generally, someone will contact you by telephone first so that a suitable appointment can be made.

Do I have to provide medical evidence?

If medical evidence is required, you will be given a form to take or send to your doctor.

How to apply.

Complete our disability discounts online application form here

You can also download or print a copy of this form.

Council Tax Disability Discount Application Form

What happens next?

Once we receive your completed application form, this will be assessed and if any further information is required an officer will be in touch

Please continue to pay the current amount on your bill until your account has been adjusted and we have sent you an official notification a discount has been applied to your account.

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