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Frequently asked questions

Help is available for installing or upgrading central heating (eligibility criteria apply)

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to NEW Lifeline.

From our classic base unit plus pendant NEW Lifeline service to key safes, wellbeing calls, and advanced epilepsy support equipment, we have a very wide range of products and services to suit every need.

Ideally we would like at least two local contacts whom we can contact in an emergency. We also require details of your next of kin, it is not vital for the next of kin contact to be local.

If no local contacts are available we would strongly recommend that you have a keysafe fitted. We supply, fit, and support keysafes as part of our range of products and services.

Contact us here to cancel the service.

No charge will be made if the service is cancelled within the 21 day cooling off period. After this we will charge until the equipment has been returned by you or collected by us.

If you think your Lifeline is not working, carry out a test call. Simply press your pendant and tell the monitoring centre you are doing a test call. They will then confirm that the unit is working correctly.

If you are unable to complete a test call please contact us here and we will organise a visit to check your equipment.

Don’t worry. Although the pendants have been designed to try and avoid accidental knocks and presses it can sometimes happen. Simply let the call connect through to us, and explain it is an error. The Operator will then reset the system.

If you lose your pendant please contact us as soon as possible to organise a replacement. There is a charge for replacement pendants.

Yes, Lifeline pendants are fully waterproof and can be taken into the shower, indeed this may be one of the places you are most likely to need it. However, it should not be submerged in water for a prolonged period.

Yes, if more than one person in your property would benefit from wearing a Lifeline pendant we are able to supply additional ones. Please contact us for details on costs.

If you have a power cut, a trip switch activates or the Lifeline is accidentally unplugged the base unit will automatically switch to a back-up battery supply and continue to work for around 24 hours. Your Lifeline will make a loud beeping noise to warn you when power is lost. The unit will reset itself once power is restored.

The pendant will work up to 50 metres away from the base unit, for example when you are in your garden or in the vicinity of your property.

Lifeline boxes are very sensitive and the operator can usually communicate with you when you are in your property. If you have pressed your pendant and we are unable to hear you, do not worry. The operator answering your call will take action to establish what the problem is. This may be by contacting a local contact provided by you and asking them to pop round to see if you are ok, or in some circumstances sending an emergency response.

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