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Our NEW Lifeline community alarm service provides peace of mind 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to vulnerable people and their families.

NEW Lifeline - Technology Enabled Care

We aim to provide confidence for people to continue to live independently in their own home and our friendly, caring operators are fully trained to respond promptly in emergencies to summon the necessary help, advise family members or carers and reassure the user that help is on the way.

Perfect for anyone who is living alone for the first time, isolated, vulnerable, or living with disabilities, serious health problems, or dementia.

Just press on each item to see more information, and you can get NEW Lifeline or arrange a demonstration below.

With NEW Lifeline’s GSM service we install our base unit in your home and provide a wearable pendant alarm that connects you to our 24/7 monitoring centre.

Choose our wireless service for all the peace of mind and security of NEW Lifeline in your home without the need for phone lines, phone sockets or phone extensions. Using wireless GSM technology, similar to mobile phones and using multiple network coverage for best performance, your NEW Lifeline service can go anywhere there is a power socket.

We also supply a range of extra and alternative telecare services to work alongside your NEW Lifeline unit, to provide additional reassurance and peace of mind for you and your family.

With our Contactless installations, you can get all of the advantages of the NEW Lifeline service designed for the strictest Coronavirus controls.

With Contactless installations we drop off pre-programmed and ready-to-go wireless equipment that is simply plugged into a power socket b

These optional detectors can provide even more peace of mind.

Flood detectors can be placed by the sink, bath or shower and will send out an early warning to our Monitoring Centre to prevent possible flood in your home. Helpful if you are worried about leaving a tap running.

Smoke detectors are quick and easy to install with no wiring necessary. If smoke is detected in your home these detectors will raise an instant call to our Monitoring Centre who will immediately contact the Emergency Services for you.

Carbon monoxide detectors detect the presence of carbon monoxide in a room and will alert our Monitoring Centre if the levels are dangerously high. Carbon Monoxide cannot be smelt or tasted.

Temperature extreme sensors will alert our Monitoring Centre of any significant change in household temperature, hot or cold, which could lead to unhealthy living conditions. They also provide advanced warnings of fire hazards; as unlike smoke detectors they can be sited in smoke rich environments such as kitchens and can also raise an alert when the room temperature falls to low levels that could result in burst pipes.

These sensors detects if you have had a serious fall and are suitable for service users who suffer from blackouts etc. and are unable to raise an alarm call by pressing their pendant. They automatically send an alert to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre who will respond appropriately.

NEW Lifeline can supply and fit a secure key safe outside your property.

Once fitted a key is safely stored inside and the details of the location and code of the key safe is held securely by our Monitoring Centre. The details are only given out to an authorised person if an emergency occurs.

A key safe reduces the time taken to enter your home in an emergency and avoids having to use the police to force an entry, which can cause a lot of damage and inconvenience.

Doro Secure 480 device Footprint GPS device Oysta Pearl GPS Device

NEW Lifeline have a range of GPS devices to give you all the comfort provided by a telecare alarm away from home.

Stylish and discreet, the devices have a range of powerful functionality including allowing you to call for help wherever you are, whether it’s going for a walk, shopping or visiting friends, two-way voice communication, fall detection, and in an emergency they can even tell us your exact location. Find out more about our GPS devices here.

Canary is a discrete and unobtrusive system that can provide round the clock reassurance, and alert carers or loved ones if something changes.

  • Has Mum been to the loo yet today?
  • Has Mum made herself a cup of tea?
  • Has she got the heating on?
  • Is Mum moving around less?

With Canary Care, get custom alerts by text, email or in the app to tell you if something is wrong. Find out more about Canary Care here.

Epi-care Free Alert it Companion Monitor

Epilepsy sensors can be used to support those suffering from seizures to live a more independent life.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all epilepsy sensor, and we look forward to providing you with expert help to assess what you may need from our wide range of products. Find out more about our epilepsy support here.

Get NEW Lifeline or arrange a demonstration

Please contact me as soon as possible to arrange a no-obligation demonstration at my home by a Telecare Installation Officer.

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