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We list all our contract opportunities on our electronic tendering portal provided by Due North Sourcing Solutions.

On the portal you can:

  • View all our advertised tender opportunities
  • Register for free
  • Express interest in relevant tender events
  • Submit tender responses electronically.

Registering on the portal is not a guarantee of business but if you are registered we can let you know about relevant opportunities as they arise.

Use the portal

Contract Procedure Rules

Contract Procedure Rules exist to ensure that the Council lets contracts in a fair, consistent, honest, legal and transparent manner. There is a statutory basis for the rules which promote good purchasing practice and public accountability.  Following the rules is also the best defence against potential allegations that a purchase has been made incorrectly or fraudulently.

Here are our Contract Procedure Rules, which include our procurement thresholds.

How we award contracts

We will generally award contracts to the supplier who will provide best overall value, whilst meeting our requirements and standards. During the procurement process we aim to be fair and transparent in the awarding of contracts and whilst wishing to encourage local suppliers to compete for contracts we cannot discriminate in their favour.

Having received quotations or formal tenders we will evaluate and compare them against specific criteria notified in the contract opportunity. For all purchases over £50,000 we will have determined a set of evaluation criteria before requesting the quotations or tenders and these criteria will have been made available to suppliers.

Clearly, price will always be a factor but other aspects will also be taken into consideration. These may include, but are not restricted to the following:

  1. Quality
  2. Delivery date
  3. Running costs
  4. Cost-effectiveness
  5. Aesthetic and functional characteristics
  6. Technical merit
  7. After-sales service
  8. Technical assistance.

Following the evaluation and comparison of responses we may award a contract to a selected supplier, but we also reserve the right to terminate the process at any time.

Having selected a supplier we will notify unsuccessful tenders.

In addition, for all contracts which exceed the EU thresholds we will impose the statutory 16 Working Day 'standstill period' which will allow unsuccessful tenderers 10 days (minimum) in which to appeal prior to the award of the contract.

Get feedback on an unsuccessful tender

Following a formal tender process, once a supplier has been selected we will notify the unsuccessful tenderers that they have not been selected.  

In addition, under the Local Government Act and European Directives, we will provide further information upon request from:

  1. Any applicant who has asked to be allowed to tender and a decision has been made not to invite that applicant to tender
  2. Any tenderer whose tender submission is disqualified
  3. Any applicant who is excluded from an approved list
  4. Any tenderer whose tender is not accepted
  5. Any existing contractor who has a contract terminated.

Terms and Conditions

Redditch Borough Council Standard Terms and Conditions for the supply of Goods and Services

Redditch Borough Council and Bromsgrove District Council Combined Standard Terms and Conditions for the supply of Goods and Services

Events you can attend

We often hold procurement, business networking and other events that can put you in touch with industry experts and create new opportunities.

Sometimes the events are spread across the county and even the region, as we work in partnership with all our neighbouring local authorities.

Commonly used Framework Providers

Other sector specific frameworks are available

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Contact our Procurement team here.

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