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Planning Appeals

If you do not agree with a decision we have made on a planning application or enforcement matter, or we do not make a decision within the set time limits, you can make an appeal to the independent Planning Inspectorate.

Before deciding to appeal, please contact us to see whether anything further can be done. Please also consider whether there are any grounds for your appeal to have a chance of success.

Examples of decisions we make that you can appeal

  1. We refuse to grant you planning permission
  2. We put conditions on a planning approval that you believe to be inappropriate
  3. We do not determine your planning application within the time allowed
  4. We serve an Enforcement Notice relating to a property you own, lease or rent

Appeal time limits

You must appeal within set time limits. These are from the date the decision notice was issued or in the case of non-determination, from the date the decision should have been issued:

  1. Enforcement Notice: appeal before the notice takes effect, usually 28 days
  2. Decisions on householder applications: appeal within 12 weeks
  3. All other types of decisions: appeal within six months
  4. We do not determine your application in time: appeal within six months

Make an appeal

Make an appeal at the Planning Portal here.

Comment on an appeal

Comment on an appeal at the planning portal here.

View an appeal result

View an appeal result at the planning portal here.

Guidance on appeals

Full appeals guidance is available at the planning portal.

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