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Leaseholders Buildings Insurance

As the freeholder the Council purchases a collective buildings insurance policy for you the Leaseholder.  As the leaseholder you are charged for buildings insurance through your service charge payments. You will find a copy of the Insurance Certificate here,  which contains the policy number and states what is covered and what the current excess payments are.

Each property has Building’s Insurance cover and is placed with Zurich Municipal. As a leaseholder it is your policy to draw upon if you need to and therefore in the event of a claim, as the policy holder, it is your responsibility to report the incident directly.  We therefore have a user friendly portal on the Insurer’s website for you to report your claims. This can be found here.

The RBC Insurance Officer does not handle your claims directly but in the event you require further advice in using the portal or need assistance please contact us, here are our contact details

You will find a copy of the Insurance Certificate here which states the policy number and lists what is covered. The certificate states “Right to Buy” Leaseholder. Even if you did not purchase your property under the right to buy scheme all our properties are originally sold as a right to buy and the Insurer therefore uses that moniker to address all leaseholders.

Please note this is not a contents policy and does not cover your household items.  We always highly recommend a contents insurance for your possessions.

Redditch Borough Council offer a contents insurance which is highly sort after.

The cover is extremely favourable as it has zero excess for any claim and your premium is not affected by claims made.   We cannot guarantee that this scheme provides the cheapest insurance cover available, or that it provides the widest cover. You are recommended to seek alternative quotations and choose the cover that best suits your needs, (BROKEN LINK)...further information can be found here.

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