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Members' allowances

Councillors are entitled to receive certain allowances for undertaking their duties, although they can choose not to be paid some or all of these allowances. The Council is required to provide a Basic Allowance for each Councillor. Additional allowances are a matter of local choice and Redditch Borough Council currently offers the following in addition to the Basic Allowance:

Special Responsibility Allowance is payable to Councillors who hold certain positions within the Council, such as Leader of the Council or the Chair of a particular Committee.


Travel and Subsistence Allowance is payable to Councillors carrying out approved duties, which is primarily attending meetings;

Dependent Carers' Allowance is payable to Councillors who require the services of a carer to look after children or other dependents whilst they are carrying out their approved duties.  Councillors may also claim up to £100 per year towards Broadband costs.

Members' Allowance Scheme

This scheme details the amount of each allowance that can be claimed.

Members’ Scheme of Allowances 2024/25

Previous payments made to members of the council

The allowances paid to each councillor are published each year.

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