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Redditch Sustainable Community Strategy

Redditch Partnership is responsible for producing and delivering the Redditch Sustainable Community Strategy.  This document sets out the vision of Redditch Partnership and outlines the work that members of the partnership have committed to deliver.

The refreshed Redditch Sustainable Community Strategy sets out the four key priorities for the Borough.  These are:

  • Health inequalities - with particular focus on smoking, obesity alcohol/drugs, and mental health;
  • Education attainment and raising aspirations of young people;
  • Developing the economy of Redditch; and
  • Leading on transformational change of services for citizens in Redditch.

Along with the other six district authorities, the strategy forms part of the Single Worcestershire Sustainable Community Strategy.

Funding Support

Redditch Partnership is happy to support funding applications for projects and services that will support the delivery of Redditch Sustainable Community Strategy.

An increasing number of funders will look favourably on a funding application that has been endorsed by a Local Strategic Partnership and which clearly delivers on key local priorities.

Please contact us If you would like to seek the endorsement of Redditch Partnership Board for a funding application for your organisation. Please note that in some cases three months notice is required, and so it is best to get in contact early in your bid writing rather than leave it to the end.

Search for Funding

There is a local Funding Portal for Redditch and Bromsgrove which is overseen by Bromsgrove and Redditch Network and may help organisations find wider sources of funding.

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