Council budgets and spending

Statement of Accounts

Redditch Borough Council's financial year runs from April to March and following the end of each financial year it publishes an annual statement of accounts. The accounts are one of the means by which the Council demonstrates its stewardship of public money and they present the financial position of the Council as at 31 March each year. They are produced in the format stipulated by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) in accordance with best accounting practice. 

Statement of Accounts 2018-19

  1. Redditch BC Auditor Opinion 2018-19
  2. RBC Notice of Completion 2018-19
  3. Redditch Statement of Accounts 2018-19 Final
  4. 2018-19 Letter of Representation

Auditor appointments to principal local government and police bodies from 2018/19

Public Sector Audit Appointments (PSAA) is specified as an appointing person under the provisions of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 and regulation 3 of the Local Audit (Appointing Person) Regulations 2015. For audits of the accounts from 2018/19, PSAA appoints an auditor to relevant principal local government authorities that have opted into its national scheme. Appointments are made for the duration of the five-year appointing period, covering the audits of the accounts for 2018/19 to 2022/23.

For the period 2018/19 to 2022/23 Grant Thornton have been appointed as auditors by the PSAA.

Audit, Governance and Standards Committee, 29 July 2019

At the Audit, Governance and Standards Committee on the 29 July 2019 the committee considered a number of reports, amongst them the year end accounts as well as a qualified value for money report and recommendation made under section 24 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 from our external auditors Grant Thornton.