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Postal Proxy

If you have been appointed by an elector as their proxy then you can vote by post on their behalf.

This means that instead of going to vote at the elector's local polling station, you can ask us to send the ballot paper to your home address, or an address of your choice in the UK. You then post your vote back to us.

Ballot papers are usually posted out on the 10th and 5th working days before an election.

All ballot papers must reach us before polling stations close on election day - either at the Electoral Shared Services office or at a polling station in the electoral area. Ballot papers received after this time cannot be counted. If you have a postal proxy vote, you cannot change your mind and vote at the elector's polling station on election day.

If you have been appointed as a proxy you can apply to vote by post at any time.

However there are deadlines for receipt of applications in respect of particular elections. These deadlines are set out in the Notice of Election. Copies of this Notice for forthcoming elections are displayed within the electoral area and at the Council's main offices.

All applications must be signed and dated by the applicant.

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