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All our studios have a range of classes throughout the week to meet everybody's - and every body's! - needs.

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Customer Notice

Having offered  a 7 day notice period on class bookings since we launched online booking we have noticed a huge increase on last minute cancellations, in as much that recently 645 members cancelled classes across one week.

We are not sure whether allowing a 7 day notice period is giving members  too much notice which has a knock on affect nearer to the class time?

Therefore we are going to trial a 72 hour notice period for members  and 48 hours notice period for none members to see if the last minute cancellations improves. Thank you for your support in this matter

High Intensity Training Studio (HIT)

Hit Studio

Holistic Studio

Holistic Studio

Can't attend?

Text us to let us know that you are unable to attend a class.

Text your Name, Class and Time to

07795 665 465

Please note that this number os for cancellations only and by text. (No reply)