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#CreativeRedditch Music & Performances

Music and performances by great local artists available to enjoy at home.


Guitar Lessons - Tuning your guitar


We have some fantastic music videos to share on Arts Uplift CIC Vimeo channel from the lovely Carol Sampson on her guitar and piano and Deborah Rose on her guitar. These are also suitable for older people and people living with dementia.

Carol Sampson

Carol is singing some good old favourites like ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me, ‘Sway’, ‘You are My Sunshine and ‘Oom-pah-pah’ and more. The words are on the screen so it's easy to sing along.

Carol’s part two of Love Music Lock Down Sessions, has her sing some more old classics such as "You Are The Sunshine of My life", "Morning Has Broken", "Let It Be", "Help" and "Happy Together".  The words are on the screen to sing along to!

Deborah Rose

Relaxing and soothing Deborah sings using her dulcet tones her renditions of ‘Jolene’, ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ and her original songs ’Truth of the Matter and ‘Butterfly’. Feel free to sing along as well.

Part two of Deborah Rose’s Love Music the Lock Down Session, showcases her vocal talent with songs such as ‘Morning has Broken’, ’Que Sera’, ‘Wayfaring Stranger’, ‘Moon River’, ’Sue and her Suitcase’, ‘Skye Boat Song’ and ‘We'll Meet Again’.

Feel free to visit Arts Uplift CIC website for more information and music performances:

Charlotte and Alastair Moseley play the Third Movement from Vivaldi's 'Summer'

In a brilliant new arrangement where they perform all the parts simultaneously.

Check out Charlotte Moseley performing Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, in her own arrangement for nine violins – all of which she plays herself Click Here to visit her Facebook page

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