Plymouth Road Commemorative Bench

Here are details about a new commemorative, bespoke, art inspired semi circle tree bench in Plymouth Road Memorial Gardens, as an improvement to the open space.

Important - Progress Update and Official Opening Date Changes

The work project for the Commemorative bench is progressing with different elements and partners involved.  However, due to final approvals of the specifications for the 37th Signal Regiment panels within the design of the bench, this has meant the completion date has been delayed and opening ceremony will not be on 11th November 2017. 

We are currently arranging an alternative opening ceremony date with the 37th Signal Regiment at a suitable time for their calendar which will now be scheduled for the early part of the new year.  Once details have been finalised we will update the New Development Page.  We apologise for the delays and look forward to confirming the official opening and completion of the project.

Picture of the plaque pattern, completed by local artists, which will form part of the pathway link to the bench.

Important - Progress Update 8/12/17

RBC are pleased to confirm that the works has been started on the Plymouth Road Commemorative bench.  The civils contractors have constructed the footpath leading to the bench using block paving design and incorporated the centre 37th Signal Regiment plaque within the path.  The semi-circle, stainless steel bespoke tree bench will be completed and installed by the 7th/8th December.

Pictures of work on the Commemorative Bench

Officers from RBC will be meeting with key personnel from the 37th Signal Regiment this week to review the work and confirm the date, timing and format of the official opening in the new year and this will then be posted on the next update in the new year.



Timings – Sat 20 Jan 18 1015 for start 1030

Dress – Informal, Military personnel will be in combat dress.

Attendees – There will be approximately 20 military personnel which will include Lt Col Bob Lovett (CO), Maj Sean Keilty (Regt 2IC), WO1 (RSM) Paul Kemp, Maj Vic Van Den Bergh (Padre) and 15 other ranks.

Order of Service


  • Welcome words from Council
  • Retort and thanks from CO
  • Prayer
  • Reading (Secular)
  • Reflection
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Remembrance – Last Post – one minute silence (I have invited RBL standard bearers)
  • Blessing and close

 The whole service should be complete within 30 minutes.