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Dogs in Parks

Dogs are welcome in all the parks although there are some places where we ask that dogs are kept on a lead. 

These are clearly indicated within Arrow Valley Country Park and Morton Stanley Park and are sensitive and highly used areas such as near play areas, cafes, sports areas, busy pathways. 

When walking your dog in the Parks please respect the wildlife as well as the other park users by keeping your dog under control. Ground nesting birds are particularly sensitive to disturbance by dogs and people.

The Parks are for everyone to enjoy. Please make sure you don't spoil someone else's day and pick up after your dog  Dog waste left in the park is unpleasant for other park users, unhygienic and causes serious ecological damage to plant and animal communities. Dog waste should be placed in a tightly sealed bag and taken home or deposited in any of the bins in the park. Waste bins are provided in all our parks. Anyone failing to clean up after their dog may face prosecution. 

The Council has a ‘Dog Fouling, Education and Enforcement Officer’  who can be contacted through the Environmental Services Team.

 The Worcestershire Regulatory Services Dog Warden details can be obtained via the Worcestershire Regulatory Services Website

When using the parks please consider the following:

  • It is your responsibility to keep your dog under control and to clean up after it: you are breaking the law if you do not do so
  • Keep your dog in sight
  • Keep the lead handy, you may need it
  • Respect the dog-free and dogs-on-leads areas
  • Respect other users and the wildlife

We hope you and your dog(s) enjoy the Parks. Thank you for your help in protecting our wildlife and ensuring ‘Personal Space' is a safe and pleasant environment for all park users.

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