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How to play disc golf

Here are the rules and techniques of disc golf. It's easy!

The basics

  1. Warm up before playing. Try a quick game of throw and catch first.
  2. Choose the order in which you will tee off. Youngest to oldest is a popular way.
  3. Whoever’s disc is furthest from the target always throws next. even if they have to throw twice in a row.
  4. When throwing, your front foot must be behind and within 30cm of where your last shot landed, but you are allowed to follow through.
  5. If you are within 10 metres of the target, you can’t follow through and have to be balanced after your throw.
  6. After the first hole the player with the lowest score should go first, but it’s up to you
  7. Other players should stay behind the thrower and remain still and quiet!


  1. Non players and passers by always have right of way.
  2. Do not throw until the space ahead is clear.
  3. If you can’t see if it is clear, use a spotter to ensure it is safe to throw especially on holes 4, 5, 6 and 8.
  4. Stand well behind the thrower! Throws can be unpredictable. Discs can even fly out of the hand in completely the wrong direction!

‘Out of bounds’

Any road, footpath, car park, play facility or water is out of bounds. If your disc comes to rest completely out of bounds, you must:

  1. Take your next throw from outside the out of bounds area within one metre of where your disc entered it.
  2. Add one extra throw to your score for that hole, as a penalty
  3. There is no penalty if you disc gets stuck in tree, just take your next throw from the ground directly below

You are strongly advised not to attempt to retrieve flying discs from Arrow Valley Lake which is deep and dangerous.