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Redditch Memories

History begins at home – and what better time than now to record your memories of Redditch? We are partnering with Redditch Local History to collect memories of the Borough's past, as well as gathering more recent memories of what life has been like under lock-down.

The Redditch Historical Society did something previously for an exhibition. Here is one of the short memories they got then:

“I remember that New Street had a Bakery at the back Hopkins and opposite Heaphey's. They let us go in as children to watch the baking process of bread, cakes and pies. Also, Walford Street had a Bakery run by a Mr. Bennett where we got fresh dough-nuts rolled in sugar while still hot.  There was also an entrance gate that led to Wilson's Royal Yard where Wilson's fair wintered. The other main entrance went up between where the Library is and that's the same as it was then.”

Do you have similar memories of the “old” Redditch?  Here are some topics for you to think about

  •   What are your memories of Evesham Street, Alcester Street etc.?
  •   What were the shops you liked and remember going to?
  •   There were lots of yards and side streets, do you remember them?
  •   Do you remember the old Redditch cinemas, cafes and clubs?
  •   What are your memories of your school days?
  •   What did you do in your spare time?
  •   What treats did you have, sweets, days out, staying up late?
  •   What about your teenage years, your first job and courting?

Also do not forget what you do today is tomorrows history, so we are making history during the lock down.  So please think about recording your lock-down experience as it will be great for a descendent to read in years to come.

It would be great if you would like to share these experiences with us. If you can look to keep these to 250-500 words, these can be emailed to us and we will do the rest.