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Draw a Superhero

If you enjoyed last week’s tutorial from artist Keith Ashford on building a rebel spaceship, then you’ll love this week’s exercise, where he shows you how to draw a comic-book style superhero.

Creative Writing

Following on from the prompts we put out around space and imagining our planet from the perspective of an alien or astronaut, this week we want to invite residents to think about what the term ‘hero’ means to them. Why not do a piece of creative writing on this theme, describing, in 100 words or less, who your superhero is? Is it someone with supernatural powers, or someone who works hard for other people – perhaps in a hospital or care home?

Some superheroes can fly, while others move objects with their minds. What if you yourself had a super power? Once you’ve thought about who your heroes are, why not write another short piece describing what your superpower would be? How would you use it to help people?


If you want you can send your creative superhero responses to us to share. We’d love to see what you come up with – you can send things to or link to the #creativeredditch hashtag.

A Journey into Marvel

Though it’s not yet clear whether it will ultimately be able to go ahead as planned due to the developing COVID-19 situation, our friends at Forge Mill Museum have an amazing-sounding exhibition titled "A Journey into Marvel". It focuses on the work of acclaimed UK comic book artist Lee Bradley, who has drawn many iconic superheroes.


Our friends at YMCA Worcestershire are also focussing on heroes this week, highlighting the contribution of keyworkers during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday 11th May YMCA staff across Worcestershire are contributing videos and activity posts, creating stories to share. They are also asking parents to send in videos or a photo of their child, nominating their own keyworker superhero, or telling them what their super power is.

Carly Kendrick of the YMCA says they want to have “a day for celebrating and acknowledging our keyworkers in the community as well as our very own superhero children, who are coping with what for them is a very odd time. This is a joint venture for all our nurseries so will promote our partnership working within the YMCA organisation. It is the first time we have worked together on a project like this. It is important to show our communities that we are ever present and showing our support during these times.”

We’re delighted to be pooling our resources with the YMCA to promote this theme.

You can follow their great work on Facebook and Twitter.