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Heritage and Local History – Redditch

One of the projects we’re most excited to be involved in right now is ‘A Heritage Corridor for North Worcestershire’, the long-term aim of which is to create a series of digital and physical trails, connecting the area’s fantastic historical assets and promoting them much more widely. You can read more about the project here. 

As such, this week we’re focusing on our amazing local heritage, with a selection of great historical resources and links below.

We hope you enjoy this page – and would love to hear about and share your favourite Redditch heritage sites, traditions and historical facts. You can e-mail these to

Redditch Memories

During lockdown, we’ve been working with Redditch Local History Society to encourage residents to record their memories of the Borough in the past – and also what it’s been like to live here in recent weeks and months. You can find out more about our Redditch Memories project and how to get involved here.

The Redditch Local History Society have lots of great heritage material on their website

The Moons Moat Conservation Group also have some fascinating information about this iconic Redditch landmark.

Paintings by Pete Halford

Art and creativity are really important parts of our shared heritage – and from the monks at Bordesley Abbey to present-day Redditch artists, it’s clear to us how creative a place this is. As such, we were delighted to see these amazing paintings of Redditch past by local artist Pete Halford. Looking at them, do you recognise all the locations? Are you inspired to make your own art rooted in Redditch’s past?



Redditch Cycle & Motorcycle Museum

Redditch has a number of industrial claims to historical fame – not least of which is that in the 1870s 90% of needles in the entire world were produced here, as well as its history of fishhook and spring manufacturing. Forge Mill Needle Museum is currently closed, but tells this story wonderfully.  You can visit their website for more information.

As well as needles, there is also the global brand of Royal Enfield – which three members of the regional Owners’ Club, John Budgen, Barry Love and Brian Tomlinson, are campaigning to see memorialised in a new museum and heritage centre

Barry told us: “It was the circular plaque on the old factory wall in Redditch that got me thinking (actually, it woke me up!) about the history of the Enfield Cycle Company, and whether there’d be enough general support to fill out a germ of an idea to try forming a museum dedicated to the company and its full history, way back to the needle-making company under Mr Townsend, to present-day production in Chennai.”

The group are currently negotiating the short-term use of a small shop in the town centre as a promotional project showcase, along with the Redditch Local History Society and John Bonham Memorial Trust.

The launch date of this promotional showcase will depend on the developing COVID-19 situation, but you can keep in touch with the project at the social media links below:

Facebook link

And @RedditchMuseum on Twitter.


Paolozzi Mosaics

Did you know that the Kingfisher Centre is home to what was, at the time, the largest public art commission in British History? You can read more about Redditch’s magnificent Mosaics by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi here.

The Paolozzi Foundation has lots of resources and information about this globally significant Scottish artist on their website too!

Redditch Local History Museum

On the theme of looking back to look forwards, we’re pleased to shine a spotlight on the Redditch Local History Museum – a charitable incorporated organisation whose objective is to promote and safeguard the full range of local heritage. You can follow the new Redditch Local History Museum Facebook group to find out more and support the project.  You can email the Trustees at or call 07860 326582 to share your ideas on what you would like to see in the museum and how you would like to get involved.

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