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This week we’re focusing on food and the art of cookery – something which we’ve definitely been doing a lot of in our respective kitchens over the last couple of months! Cooking and sharing food with those closest to us can be a real consolation in difficult times – and we hope you enjoy these activities and resources in that spirit.

Just as the preparation of food is an art in itself, so food has been an inspiration to countless artists of all kinds – from Proust’s madeleines to Warhol’s Campbell’s soup tins. Artist Keith Ashford shows you in the following video how to draw your very own still life featuring a selection of fruit

Following some recipes we spontaneously received from residents, it’s been really great to see more of you responding to our open call to send us instructions on how to make your favourite dishes. Check out our cookery page for lots of delicious and healthy recipes. The Redditch All Together Now Facebook group are also looking for recipes for a community cookbook.

Once you’ve finished cooking or eating a meal, if you find you’ve got some leftovers, don’t throw them in the bin (or even the composter) straight away. Some of them might be a valuable source of future meals – as this regrow infographic from the Council’s brilliant Graphics and New Media Officer Lauren shows.

HOME Food week poster

As well as keeping us going and tasting good, food can be something which brings us all together – and earlier this year it was great to see so many people attending two community cohesion events themed around food from different cultures, one in the Parkside Hall, Bromsgrove and one at Redditch Library. Both of these events were organised in partnership with Wyre Forest District Council and Worcestershire County Libraries. Here’s a video of the Redditch event – proving, if proof were needed, how food can help us stay connected with one another.

Finally, at this time it’s important that those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to put a healthy and nutritious meal on the table spare a moment to think of those members of our communities who aren’t so lucky. We know that there are many people in Bromsgrove and Redditch who are depending on food banks right now – and if you’re able to we’d encourage you to check out the Trussell Trust website and see if there’s any way you can help or anything you can donate.