Room options and prices at the Town Hall

Depending on the type of event you want to run at the Town Hall, and how many people you need to accommodate, we will have a room layout option to suit at competitive prices.

We have five room options, with some optional extras. Work out the options you need using this chart:

What do you want to do? What capacity do you need? Your room options  Per 4 hrs (daytime only) Per 8hrs (or evening only) Equipment hire options?
Conference, Presentation, Lecture 200 people E £260 £470 Yes
Conference, Presentation, Lecture 120 people D £160 £260 Yes
Conference, Presentation, Lecture 60 people B or C £115 £165 Yes
Board meeting 30 people B or C £115 £165 Yes
Board meeting 12 people A £57 £75 Yes
Party, disco, live entertainment 170 people E £260 £470 No
Party, disco, live entertainment 80 people D £160 £260 No

The room options

  1. A - Committee Room 1
  2. B - Committee Room 2
  3. C - Committee Room 3
  4. D - Council Chamber
  5. E - Full civic suite (all the rooms).

Equipment hire options

  1. Projector Screen (please note we do not hire projectors) £23.50
  2. TV / Video £23.50
  3. Conferencing Sound System £23.50
  4. Flip Chart Stand (excludes paper and pens) £8.00


  1. Tea/coffee per cup (you will need to provide your own alcohol and soft drinks) £1.10