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Joint Effort

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak many of our classes have been closed, however, you can continue to exercise at home with Sue. Make sure that your floor is free from clutter and always work at your own pace.

There is further information around pain management and how to keep active at the ESCAPE-pain website can be found here

Further to the provision of ESCAPE-pain in the community we now have an ongoing exercise class for people who live with arthritis and want to help those joints.

Our lead instructor is qualified to work with people living with arthritis, there will be advice and education around how to manage pain, as well as options and information about the correct type of exercise.

Both the NHS and Versus Arthritis advocate exercise as a way to manage your symptoms, you can follow these links to find out more...

This is a community exercise class which means that you do not need to book and you can just turn up and join in.  We would suggest that you turn up a few minutes early to your first session as there is always a bit of paperwork to complete an then away you go.

  • Class costs £3.30 on a "pay as you go" basis.

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