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ESCAPE - pain for BACKS

Education and exercise programme for people living with back pain.

We are currently taking referrals and working towards the delivery of a new 6 week programme.

If you would like to join the programme kindly complete the registration form below and you will be sent the programme details as soon as they are ready.

What is ESCAPE-pain?

ESCAPE-pain stands for Enabling Self-management and Coping with Arthritic Pain using Exercise.  It is a rehabilitation programme for people which chronic joint pain that integrates education and exercise.

How can ESCAPE-pain for BACKS help me?

ESCAPE-pain for BACKS will not cure nor eliminate pain completely.  However, it aims to reduce pain, improve physical function, self-confidence, peoples sense of being in control of their problems and the depression and frustration that people with chronic pain often feel.aims

How do I know if ESCAPE-pain for BACKS is right for me?

ESCAPE-pain is designed to benefit people with chronic back pain.

Will exercising make my pain worse?

Some people think that being more active will increase their pain, but after 1-2 sessions you will learn that exercise isn't painful, and start to feel the benefits - and feel better able to do the exercises, more confident, more in control.  Strong, well-co-ordinates muscles are a necessity, not a luxury.  They protect your back and can delay, even prevent pain and disability, maintaining your independence and dignity.

How does the programme work?

You will attend two classes a week for 6 weeks, for a total of 12 classes.  Each class starts with a brief (20 minute) discussion around a set theme.  This is then followed by 40 minutes of a circuit type exercise programme.

After completing the 6 week programme you will be able to:

  • Carry out normal activities
  • Manage your symptoms
  • Become more active

Do I need to do all the exercises in each session?

The course facilitator will work with you encouraging you to try to do as many exercises as you can, taking rest in between.  The facilitator will work with you to make you more comfortable and confident in your abilities and to progress on the exercises that you do each session.

How do I progress the exercises?

The exercises can be progressed in different way depending on the exercise.  Some (such as the number of sit to stands) can be progressed by trying to do more repetitions of the exercise in one minute.  Others can be progressed by doing them for a longer time.  Others (such as exercises that use a theraband) can be progressed by doing them for longer but also doing them slowly, in a controlled manner.  The facilitator during your classes will work with you to ensure that you are progressing based on your abilities and goals.

What should I do before / during my first class?

In order to make sure the programme continues to be successful, you'll be asked to complete some questionnaires about your pain and management during your first class.  You'll also be asked to complete questionnaires again at the end of the 6 week programme.  This information is useful to see how much progress has been made, and to keep track of how ESCAPE-pain for BACKS is helping people. 

Your data will be anonymised and shared with the Health Innovation Network (part of the NHS) if you should have any questions about this progress please email

Please be sure to wear some loose-fitting clothing, comfortable shoes and a water bottle (you will be competing some exercise circuits), and reading glasses if you need them.

If i have any questions - how do I contact someone for more information?

Please email Hayley Gwilliam or call 01527 881404 if you have any further questions.

You can find more about the ESCAPE-pain for backs programme here

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