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Menopause Meetup

We want the everyone to talk about the menopause.

At a Menopause Meetup people gather to drink tea or coffee and discuss menopause.

The first session will be an informal chat where your suggestions will be appreciated to develop the meetup.

Our Menopause meetup is offering....

  • Open to all women, regardless of age
  • Run by volunteers
  • On a not for profit basis
  • Alongside drinks and laughs

Meeting dates:

The Boathouse, Arrow Valley Lake, Monthly Mondays at 12:30pm. 

2024 Meetings:

  • 5th August
  • 2nd September
  • 7th October
  • 4th November
  • 9th December

The Sandycroft Wellbeing Centre, starting on Wednesday 21st August, weekly Wednesdays at 6pm.

For more information please contact Debbie on 07712 622353

or email:

Menopause Meetup Information
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