Holocaust Memorial Day Event 2019

This year's Holocaust Memorial Day even in Redditch was on Saturday 26th January 2019 and featured a talk by Sokphal Din, survivor of the Cambodian Genocide.

The schedule was:

  • 10.30am Procession from Council Chamber, Town Hall, Redditch
  • 10.35am Holocaust Memorial Marker, Church Green
  • 10.45am Procession through Kingfisher Shopping Centre
  • 11.00am Event in Council Chamber, Town Hall
  • 12.15am It’s a Sign Choir and talk by Sokphal Din - Cambodian Genocide survivor

Holocaust Memorial Day exists to help us to honour the memory of all victims of genocide and atrocity in the world and to strive to ensure that we do not allow such things to occur again. It was on Sunday January 27 this year.

More information about Holocaust Memorial Day: www.hmd.org.uk.

A promotional image for the Holocaust Memorial Day event 2019