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The Borough of Redditch High Quality Design SPD

The Borough of Redditch High Quality Design Supplementary Planning Document (June 2019 can be viewed here)

The High Quality Design SPD was adopted by the Borough Council on 24 June 2019 and provides guidance on the implementation of local planning policies in the Borough of Redditch Local Plan No. 4 (BORLP4).  It is a material planning consideration in the determination of planning applications.  The SPD is intended to assist in the formulation of proposed development to ensure that it is policy compliant by being a reasonable scale, layout, height, material, and colour, as well as respect the existing surrounding built environment and local character. Guidance is provided on a range of issues including:

  • Layout and proposed development
  • Views and vistas
  • Ease of movement, connectivity and legibility
  • Designing out crime, including through 'Secured by Design'
  • Private amenity space and public open space
  • Boundary treatments and landscaping
  • Lightning and noise impacts
  • Overlooking and space standards

 The High Quality Design SPD replaces the following Supplementary Planning Guidance documents:

  • Encouraging Good Design SPG (2001)
  • Designing for Community Safety SPD (2006)
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