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Change in planning fees

Please note, that as from 6 December 2023, there will be a change in planning fees set by central Government under the Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits) (England) Amendment) Regulations 2023 which includes the following:

  • Increase planning application fees by 35% for applications for major development and 25% for all other applications
  • Introduce an annual indexation of planning application fees, capped at 10% from 1 April 2025
  • Remove the fee exemption for repeat applications (known as the "free go"). An applicant will still be able to benefit from a free go if their application was withdrawn or refused in the preceding 12 months, subject to all other conditions for the free go being met
  • Reduce the Planning Guarantee for non-major planning applications from 26 to 16 weeks
  • Introduce a new prior approval fee of £120 for applications for prior approval for development by the Crown on closed defence sites

The new fees will come into force for valid applications submitted on or after 6 December 2023.

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