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The North East Worcestershire Cultural Compact, which has just officially launched its first major project under the name “ReNEW” wants people to share their stories about the past in a bid to shape the future of the area for residents.

Redditch Borough and Bromsgrove District Councils are supporting the project which has been awarded Cultural Compact status by Arts Council England in 2022 in recognition of its excellent progress encouraging organisations from all walks of life to work together as a team for the good of the area. The job of the Cultural Compact team is to support the local cultural sector and enhance its contribution to development, with a special emphasis on encouraging business, education, health, environment and the arts and heritage sectors to work together.

Overall the goal of the Cultural Compact in North East Worcestershire is to encourage residents to get active and creative and enjoy the amazing parks and open spaces of Redditch and Bromsgrove.

ReNEW is the Compact’s first major public participation campaign with its focus upon storytelling and connectivity and aims to renew community spirit by organising inclusive activities and eventually attracting visitors, aligning with the goal of fostering community and dialogue.

If you want to find out more or get involved as our ambition grows from strength to strength don’t hesitate to make contact!

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