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National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) February 2019

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government published a revised version of the National Planning Policy Framework (the NPPF or the Framework) on 19 February 2019.  This version supersedes the July 2018 edition of the Framework.

In summary, the main changes to the February 2019 version are:

  • The footnote relating to paragraph 73 relating to maintaining supply and delivery of housing has been updated to reference where local housing need is used as a basis for calculating 5 year supply of housing it should be calculated using the standard method as set out in national policy.  There are some alterations to the glossary in relation to the term deliverability and local housing need.
  • Paragraph 177 relating to habitats and biodiversity has been amended.  The presumption in favour of sustainable development now applies even with habitats development, provided that impacts can be mitigated successfully.

The National Planning Policy Framework (February 2019) can be viewed here.