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Taxpayers Foot the Bill for the Actions of Cruel Pet Owners

Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the actions of cruel pet owners after two dogs, in an appalling condition, were picked up in Redditch.

Brook and Barley, named by the Worcestershire Regulatory Services Animal Welfare Team, were walking skeletons, with hardly any fur, sarcoptic mange and covered in sores.

The German Shepherds were rescued from a highway in Redditch and taken to the vets for urgently needed treatment.

Animal Welfare Officer Pip Griffin said: “We have all had sleepless nights about these poor souls who were in such pain they were ripping their own sores.

“How can a human act so inhumanely against poor defensive creatures, causing them such pain and suffering?

“I urge the public, who will have to help foot the bill for these abhorrent actions, to help bring those responsible to justice.

“If you recognise these animals please get in touch.”

If you have information about Brook and Barley or are concerned about the welfare of any other animals please call the team on 01905 822799.

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