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Campaign aims to get people moving in May

With better weather hopefully on the way and summer on the horizon, residents are being encouraged to get moving more throughout the month of May.

Redditch Borough Council’s Sports Development Team are launching the ‘Move in May’ campaign and throughout the month will be sharing ways for all residents to get more active ahead of the summer.

The campaign aims to provide awareness of the opportunities on offer for everyone, at every skill or capability level, from gentle exercises and things to do at home, to walking sports and running

A significant part of the campaign will also focus on strength training for everyone, in line with Public Health and NHS recommendations, and will explore how people of all ages can benefit from this type of training, ways to incorporate it into daily life and easy exercises to try at home.

‘Move in May’ will be kicked off with the latest round of the popular Couch to 5K course. The latest NHS backed 9-week course, delivered by England Athletics trained coaches, to help participants achieve 5k, launches from 28 April with sessions on various days/locations each week and provides a great opportunity to get out in the fresh air and meet new people.

Sports Development have also joined forces with Rubicon Leisure to deliver a free event for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week on the 24th of May at The Boat House Café in Arrow Valley Visitor Centre between 12noon and 2pm.

Residents can follow the council’s social media channels for top tips, real stories, and details of special events and the launch of new classes throughout the month. 

Physical Activity Development Officer, Hayley Gwilliam, said: “We all know that moving more is good for everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but I’m particularly excited that a portion of this campaign will be focused on strength training. People tend to shy away from strength training, believing that it’s very intense, difficult, or more likely to cause injury, but there is now significant evidence and a push from Public Health which suggests that everyone should add some form of strength training in their regime.

“Basic strength training using bodyweight, bands, light weights, or even everyday objects such as cans of beans, has been proven to enhance quality of life and improve your ability to do everyday activities and can also protect your joints from injury. Building muscle can contribute to better balance and may reduce your risk of falls which can help people maintain independence as they age. We have one participant in our latest escape pain sessions, who in a matter of just a few weeks doing basic strength training has doubled the amount of sit to stands he can do, which will have a big impact on his day to day life.

“Even the smallest increase in movement can make a huge difference, so I hope our residents get on board with our ‘Move in May’ campaign and if we can help just one person to get more active, that’s a win.”

The Sports Development Team will be showcasing a number of organised sessions throughout the month including: Walks for Health, Rounders, Disability Trikes, Escape-Pain, Walking Sports, Tai Chi, Cancer Rehab, MS sessions, Joint Effort and more.

For more details of activities which will be covered by the campaign please click here.

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