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As the cost-of-living crisis looks set to continue as fixed rates on energy bills end alongside the possibility of rent increases, the Council and partners have produced a second leaflet to try to help ensure residents get the support they need.

Redditch Borough Council have worked with partners and agencies to produce the second cost of living leaflet which is being sent out with Council Tax bills.

The first leaflet was launched last Autumn and, like this version, signposts people to organisations who can offer them specific help and advice from trusted sources including bdht, libraries, Act on Energy, Age UK, BARN, Here2Help and Citizens Advice. Help offered by the Council including Council Tax support also features.

Support available includes managing money, housing, and benefits, how to reduce bills, improving well-being and residents are urged to take action early on so a way forward can be found.

Redditch Borough Council Leader Matt Dormer said: “We decided to repeat the cost-of-living leaflet following the success of the first and the feedback we received from the agencies who were able to help so many people in this challenging time.

“We really want to reach out to those who don’t think they would be entitled to help or are too proud to accept it because their life could be made so much easier by just contacting the right agency.

“I have always been proud of the community spirit in Redditch and now is the time more than ever to work together and check in on our vulnerable residents to ensure they know support is out there.”

To view the leaflet and to find out about more help and support visit