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A new external waste and recycling system has been installed, today, at Evesham Mews as part of Redditch Borough Council’s £13m investment to improve its properties.

The metroStor system will replace an outdated chute system which was deemed not fit for purpose and led to complaints from residents whose neighbours were leaving rubbish on balconies rather than using the temporary receptacles in the car park.

Now residents can get rid of their waste and recycling at the new bin stores which , because they are more hygienic and look better, don’t need to be placed further away so it’s easier than ever to get rid of rubbish.

Capital Programmes and Contracts Manager Andrew Rainbow said: “The Council is investing millions in its properties because we want to establish places for people to live in, which create a sense of pride.

“This is just one of the many projects we will be unveiling over the next 12 months including balcony refurbishment and street enhancement in High Trees Close and the replacement of timber balconies to aluminium ones at our properties.”

The multi-million-pound investment project also includes a five-year internal refurbishment programme in Council homes.